Good Friday Poem
"The Meaning Of Good Friday"

Sun behind Dark Clouds above Black Forest

This Good Friday poem is in memory of the sad events that happened on the first Good Friday.

Yet, these events bring the greatest blessings for us ... in time and for all eternity.

God's justice was satisfied, sins are atoned, Heaven's gates can now be opened to the faithful, Hell is conquered, and God's mercies, blessings, and graces can now be poured forth on mankind.

I hope this poem helps us capture - in some way to our limited minds - the infinite and mysterious meaning of Good Friday.

124. Good Friday Meaning

     by Paul Berchtold, April, 2011

Good Friday's come, and with it dread,
Christ dies in pain, his blood is shed,
His pain is over, this is true,
He suffered much, for me and you.

Clouds are weeping, earth is quaking,
Heaven, earth, are deeply shaking,
It is the great day of the Lord,
God's wrath on Christ is fully poured.

It's we should stand before the throne,
It's we should be condemned alone,
The sinless Christ received no pity,
Giving sinners fullest mercy.

O saddest day in history,
Shrouded in deepest mystery,
It is so painful to recall,
How Christ suffered, and died for all.

Now Jesus' heart is opened wide,
There now comes forth from out his side,
New life, new hope, that cannot fade,
The price for souls is fully paid.

He gave his life, his very breath,
He closed his eyes in pain of death.
This kind of love there is no greater,
For friend or foe, or lowest traitor.

O precious blood, so high the cost,
To save each soul from being lost.
For those repenting of their sins,
In that moment, true life begins,

By his suffering and his dying,
All our useless efforts trying,
Are replaced by true salvation,
For any one, in any nation.

Jesus the truth, the life, the way,
Invites us to a brand new day.
Open now is heaven's door,
The hope of life, forevermore,

With grateful hearts we thank you Lord,
On fallen faces we should adore,
You call us now to be your friend,
May our thank you's never end.



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When I wrote this Good Friday Poem

I wrote this poem on the day before Good Friday - called Holy Thursday.

Holy Thursday is the day that Jesus held the Passover feast, his last supper. Then, going outside Jerusalem with his apostles, he prayed in agony in the garden of Gethsemane. He accepted his father's will to suffer for us. He was betrayed by his friend, was captured by his enemies, went through mock trials, was denied by Peter, and was cast in a dungeon.

The next day, on Good Friday, after unspeakable acts of brutality, he was nailed to a cross of execution, and hung on it for hours. Darkness and earthquakes occurred during this time.

You can read more the story and history of Good Friday in the four gospel accounts. (Matthew 26-27; Mark 14-15; Luke 22-23; John 18-19)

Go to Holy Week - Palm Sunday - Good Friday - (Lent).

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