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In this next poem, we consider how Mary and Jesus were intimately connected as mother and son, working and praying together to realize God's plan on earth.

According to Isaiah, Jesus is the man of sorrows. As his mother, Mary endured much sorrow, that many other mothers would never experience, especially by the rejection and crucifixion of Jesus by the hostile religious leaders and people.

Since they suffered so greatly, it is only right that their joy in the resurrection of eternal life - united together forever - be greater.

329. Easter Thoughts

     by Paul Berchtold, May, 2013

When as a baby Jesus sleeps,
His mother Mary softly weeps.
Jesus grows up strong and taller,
Mary makes herself yet smaller.

When Jesus goes forth for preaching,
By example Mary's teaching.
When Jesus changed water to wine,
By Mary he did this first sign.

When on the cross our Jesus died,
With heart broken, our Mary cried.
Then Jesus rose by his own choice,
O Mary, now, be glad, rejoice!

On earth more years our Mary stays,
For the church now Mary prays
And for all those heaven bound,
The lost sheep are by Mary found.

Any time when our Jesus comes,
Our Mary gives the best welcome.
Jesus is the rising leaven,
But Mary is the gate of heaven.

Many call Jesus our brother,
Some forget Mary our mother,
Whom Jesus gave us Good Friday.
So wish her Happy Mother's Day!


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The Role of Mary with Jesus

Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit when she said: "All generations will call me blessed." (Luke 1:48)

So many people here on earth are blinded to the important role Mary has.

Just as we each have a natural mother and father, God, our heavenly father, also wants us to have the best spiritual mother. From the cross, Jesus gave each of us Mary as mother.

Little Children Need a Mother

Jesus said we cannot get into heaven unless we be converted, and become as little children. (Matthew 18:3; Mark 10:15; Luke 18:17) (cf. 1 Peter 2:2)

Not grown up children, not teenagers, not just children - but little children. Practically this means babies, because that is what we really are in the spiritual life.

Little children accept the fact they need a mother!

Even many christians don't understand this. Like little children, they are too little to understand all about their parents, but it does not change the facts.

I'm thankful that at least by the time people enter eternity, they will understand how much Jesus and Mary love them and suffered for them.

How unfortunate are those who reject this plan of God.

Simeon's Prophecy

On the 40th day after his birth, by the religious law and custom, Jesus was taken to the temple to be presented to the Lord. Mary also went through a religious rite known as the purification. (Luke 2:22 ff)

An old man Simeon prophesied to Mary, among other things, that a sword of sorrow would pierce her heart, that the thoughts of many hearts would be revealed. (Luke 2:34-35)

Mary is great by what God gave her. But also, Mary is great in her own right, because she suffered greatly with Jesus and on account of Jesus.

What you think about this, is exactly what Simeon foretold. The true inclination of your heart is revealed by your accepting or rejecting God's plan for Mary to be your spiritual Mother.

It is his last gift to each of us, given from the cross, along with the sacrifice of his life and all his blood.

It is not a little gift to be scorned. Those who knowingly reject Mary, also reject Jesus.

By His Gospel, Jesus Elevates the Role of Women

Before Christ, the world in general treated women very poorly. Even the Israelites and Jewish people, who held women in greater esteem than the rest of the world, still failed in this regard.

Jesus spent all his life exalting women, even breaking Jewish customs to speak with, help, and counsel women. Like saving a prostitute woman from stoning. Accepting a woman coming into his presence at table to wash and anoint his feet. (By Jewish custom, women and children were not even allowed in the same room while men were eating.)

But even more, Jesus exalted his own mother, especially by his example. He loved Mary, because she was his own mother.

He obeyed her and Joseph directly for 30 years - which was most of his life on earth.

We don't get to choose our mothers. But Jesus chose his, because he is God, and chose her with divine wisdom.

Mary is his own chosen mother.

The Devils Hate Mary

Many theologians think that the test the devils failed, was seeing and agreeing God's plan of salvation for man.

In their pride, they hated the fact that God would redeem human beings, and would become the child of a woman to experience everything human beings experience.

They hated the fact that Jesus would make himself a little less than the angels. (Psalm 8:5-6)

They hated the fact that Mary, as the mother of Jesus, would have a rank higher than them, and would be queen of the army hosts of heaven.

Like most of the world, including most Jews, they wanted a powerful ruler to accomplish physical miracles and deliverance, not spiritual ones like conversion, repentance, redemption, and salvation.

In his pride, Satan said to God, "I will not serve."

I have met some so-called christians, who at the mention of Mary, become almost fanatically hateful. Such persons are not filled with the spirit of Jesus, who had such high regard and esteem for his mother. Such anger comes from the devil and his persecutions of all that has greater power over him.

May such christians be converted, and receive the mercy of Mary before it is too late for them.

A Sermon Story by One of my Pastors

Years ago I had a pastor, who died a holy death years ago, suffering from cancer.

In one of his sermons, he said that those who attack Mary, what would happen when they die and face Jesus on Judgment Day?

What will they say when Jesus says to them: "Would you please repeat what you said about my mother?"

God's Plan for Mary

By God's plan, Jesus became man only by the humble, obedient consent of Mary.

Mary was necessary to God for our salvation - by God's design.

The devils hate Mary for saying yes to God, even though it cost Mary a lot - her reputation, much suffering, much persecution.

What if Mary had said no to God? Where would we be? Would we have even a chance at salvation?

The World Belittles Women

If we think the Jews failed to rightfully honor women, we still have the problem today.

It is the devil who wants women to have abortions, to steal the joys of children from them, and so that they live with the terrible consequences for the rest of their lives. And the consequences - such as physical, psychological, and emotional sickness - are many and horrible.

It is the devil who wants to tear women out of their nurturing roles, and put them into the corporate world, lured by money, and thus many families are broken, many children grow up to become criminals.

True, God can forgive. True, God will in eternity make all things new. But like David the king, consider how he lived with the terrible regret and consequences of his sin and murder for the rest of his life, even though he was assured God's forgiveness by Nathan the prophet. (2 Samuel chapters 11 ff.)

The devil hates Mary. That's because she's an example of eternal greatness, by living a simple, ordinary life in a hidden corner of the world, being faithful to God and family and her daily duties, during this relatively short time of testing on earth.

Mary's Faithfulness is Rewarded

Jesus tells that those who are faithful in small things, will be set over greater. (Matthew 25: 21-23; Luke 16:10)

Mary worked for her little family, feeding and clothing them, praying, suffering and sacrificing for them, and encouraging them especially by her example.

It is only right that Mary, who was so faithful to God and her little family - Joseph and Jesus - should minister to God's own bigger family.

From the cross, Jesus gave Mary as a mother to John, and to all those destined for heaven.

It was his last great gift from the cross, along with his life. It is a most precious treasure, his own mother.

Mary's Unique Role In Time of Tribulation

Sometime during our life, we all go through days of tribulation. We get sick, we run into difficulties, we all die. This happens at different times for different people.

But there is a time of universal tribulation. It's a great tribulation that comes on the whole world. (Revelation 3:10)

God doesn't like to punish the world. It's his "unusual work", according to various places in the bible.

He could have mercy, but people have abused even his warnings of mercy. Like a good father, he finally has enough, and for a greater good, out of a higher mercy, he punishes.

In the time of the Great Flood, he had mercy on Noah and his family for their faithfulness, but they had to build an ark for 100 years.

In the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, he had mercy on Lot and his family for the sake of Abraham's prayer, but they had to leave immediately, and not look back. (Lot's wife died looking back, and was incinerated.)

In the time of the plagues of Egypt, the first born sons were spared only if the doorposts were marked with the blood of the lamb.

In the time of the great tribulation, in his just anger, God will not answer any prayers for relief or deliverance, with one exception. Those who go to Mary, the refuge of sinners, and ask for mercy, and change their lives.

Jesus said the tribulation would be so great, no one could be saved. But for the sake of the elect (his own chosen mother), those days will be shortened. (Matthew 24:22; Mark 13:20)

Because Mary never refused God anything he asked, God can not refuse Mary anything.

The Healing Ministry of Mary

When Jesus went to heaven, the Apostles gathered in prayer with Mary. Later, in their missionary travels, when they became discouraged, they would return to Mary for encouragement and hope.

Throughout history, there are numerous witnesses who testify that Mary has been given a special healing ministry, especially healing souls sick with sin.

Those who beg Mary to pray for them and help them, will receive her intercession and intervention with God, and will receive many extraordinary and abundant blessings of health and protection.

Even at a time God, like a good father, is angry at the world and is punishing the wicked, God, like a good father, will have mercy on those who go to his mother for help.

A Forest Fire Story

Some years ago, a doctor named Phil, moved his family many miles north of here, up into the forests and mountains of the Idaho panhandle, near the Canadian border.

One year, the forest fires were terrible. A fire was close to their house, and the wind kept blowing it in their direction. They lived far from town on a long, bumpy dirt road, with little water.

With faith, they put a picture of Mary on a tree facing the forest fire.

The wind stopped blowing in their direction. Their place was spared, while the fire burned around them.

My Own Story of the Power and Protection of Mary

I could tell you many stories how I was helped by Mary. But here's one.

I was sick for years, and I was given no hope of improvement. Strange things were happening, as the devil was attacking me in many ways. Pounding on the windows at night. Nightmares. No support financially.

I prayed, fasted, asked for prayers. For years it didn't work.

Then one day, I took Mary as my principal angel.

From that day on, for a period of about 2 years, things got steadily - and quickly - better.

It seems it was a case similar to Daniel chapter 10, where the devil's power was too great until Michael, the prince of the heavenly armies, overcame the strong devil.

In my case, maybe the devils' power was too great until Mary, the queen of the heavenly army hosts, stepped into the picture. She is the one who by her humility crushes the proud head of the devil.

As a last mercy to the world, God is giving us Mary, to accept or reject.

Thank you Mary! Thank you, Mary, my angel! Thank you Mary, my shining morning star!

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