Easter Basket Ideas

Here's some neat Easter basket ideas I used one year.

Close-up of Easter Eggs in Easter Egg Basket 01

Easter Eggs Tell the Message of Rejoicing

It's a bit of a different look than what you might expect, but it's surprisingly simple. I did it on the spur of the moment one Easter, and because I live far from town, I wasn't going to make a special trip to buy coloring, grass filling, etc.

See the photos of an edible coloring dye I used for decorating Easter eggs.

The Basket

Easter Eggs in Basket on Green Grass Pictured here is a wooden weaved basket. I was able to some nice ones over the years at thrift stores and yard sales. I normally use them to store counter food, like tomatoes and onions from my garden, and - when I had chickens - for freshly collected eggs. (A couple layers of paper towels can help prevent the basked from getting dirty or stained.)

The Grass

Close-up of Easter Eggs in Easter Egg Basket 02 I took one of the round or oval food baskets and filled it with light colored paper strips - green, blue, yellow, white, even red.

To make the strips, I simply used a long-strip paper shredder. Some of the paper came from office supplies, some came from parts of colored scrap paper that was clean on both sides.

1. Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are always a great hit among children.

Easter eggs are hard-boiled eggs decorated in different colors and designs to celebrate Easter.

Be sure to tell your children what the Easter Egg means, and why we use decorated eggs at Easter.

Read about this and more ideas for decorating Easter eggs.

2. Easter Sweets

Most children like sweets and candy. Us "older children" have to watch our diet, and regulate the amount of sugar we eat. So, we either work or exercise it off, or don't eat much sugar, or we'll pay the price sooner or later.

3. Simple Fruits and Nuts

When we were growing up, we would get apples, oranges, bananas, and nuts to crack, especially on Christmas but maybe on Easter too. We didn't get candy.

O sure, we craved the sweets other kids in school were getting, but mom and dad were right. They knew what was best for us.

We were glad to get these natural treats. They're much healthier anyway.

4. Special Unique Easter Gifts for your Easter Basket

There are some special gifts that are appropriate to include in your Easter basket - some you may not have thought of.

Check out some more ideas in unique Easter gifts.

Many of them are small enough they can fit nicely into your basket. And, better than eggs and candy, some of them can last a lifetime, if not forever.

Thank your stars!

Easter Eggs in Basket on Rocks in Driveway.

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