5 more 50th Birthday Poems & Rhymes

Mountain Maple against Blue Sky

I wrote these 50th birthday rhymes for my own 50th birthday celebration.

It was truly a milestone event in my life.

It involved several months of prayerful preparation.

As always, these poems can be adapted for any birthday event.

You are welcome to use and share this poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Here's a poem thanking my parents:

321. Where Would I Be?

     by Paul Berchtold, September, 2012

Where would I be without you, Mom and Dad?
How celebrate a birthday never had?
I would never have grown up as a lad.
Would not have seen a lily on its pad.
Where would I be without you, Mom and Dad?

Where would I be without you, Mom and Dad?
No smiles, no fun, could not even be sad,
I could not get angry, not even mad,
But now I'm so thankful, so very glad,
I'm 50 now. Thanks to you, Mom and Dad!

322. Fifty Something!

     by Paul Berchtold, September, 2012

Such good news there is I bring,
Let the bells peal and ring,
Let the highest angels sing,
50 is really something.

I'm not just 50 something.
I don't my hands worried wring,
Now I have new zest and zing,
50 is really the thing.

I'm richer now than a king.
To new horizons I fling.
I fly now with golden wing,
50 is really something.

323. Golden Birthday

     by Paul Berchtold, September, 2012

To those who say I'm getting old,
My 50 years what's makes me gold.
For better things now I hunger,
Riches that now make me younger.

To be wiser in heart and mind,
What better treasures can I find?
What's on the inside is what counts,
And that adds up to big amounts!

I'm full of life more than ever,
Knowing life goes on forever,
I am so full of energy,
For heaven is my destiny.

I'm so thankful for each year,
I'm blessed with a great career,
Even when there is no pay,
I've lived to see another day!

In me there are still some things wild.
Though grown up I'm still a child.
Though I have traveled many miles,
God sees and loves me ... and he smiles.

324. Feeling Blest

     by Paul Berchtold, September, 2012

Now that I'm 50, I feel so blest.
Years ago I could not have guessed,
That I would reach this special day.
A blessing which with care I weigh.

May you consider, I beseech,
There's so many that did not reach,
The age I'm now, because, before,
They were called to eternity's door.

So pray with me, that I now live,
So as to pray, and work, and give,
In such a way to deserve well,
These great blessings I now can tell.

325. Thanks Galore

     by Paul Berchtold, September, 2012

Thank you, thank you, thanks galore,
God I thank you so much more,
I have reached a day of grace,
In this very special place.

You've gifted me with fair health,
Granting me abundant wealth.
You've given me 50 years,
To you be given many cheers.

In cities and in towns I've dwelt,
Now in forest hill I've felt,
Heaven closer than before.
On our farm I see your store.

Half a century has flown,
Thank you that I have grown,
To love the calm, quiet charm,
You daily show on our farm.

I live in your forest hill,
The wind blows - or all is still,
Here it is I'm 50 now,
What can I say? Sometimes, Wow!

The many trees point up high,
God I thank you for your sky.
In this place I now enjoy,
The dreams I had as a boy.

One day you'll call and I'll come,
I'll get to see my real home,
I'll keep saying, more and more,
Thank you, thank you, thanks galore!


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Thanksgiving is always Golden

I hope you enjoyed these birthday poems I wrote for my 50th.

It was only when I started receiving 50th birthday cards that I found out that the 50th birthday is considered the "Golden Birthday."

I'd appreciate a prayer or two from you, especially in thanksgiving for the gift of life - both physical and eternal life.

Thank your stars!

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