Another 4th of July Poem
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A Poem about the American Flag

Yellow Iris against Blue Sky
This is another 4th of July poem, especially for children, about our July 4th customs, our patriotic duty - especially our flag.

It's about the American flag. It's patriotic. It's a fun little marching poem with just 4 syllables per line, a fun rhythm, and a fast beat.

It never hurts to get involved in a little play-acting. Children learn a lot this way.

It's a reminder for children - and us adults too - what is our patriotic duty.

We could all use a little reminding!

151. You Wonder Why?

     by Paul Berchtold, June, 2011

I'll make a rhyme,
You beat the time,
Beat on the drum,
Or just plain hum.
You wonder why?
It's 4th July!

No work, no school,
It is the rule,
With much delight,
Take in the sight,
You wonder why?
It's 4th July!

See here what's made,
A nice parade,
It's not pretend,
Join ev'ry friend.
You wonder why?
It's 4th July!

Give shout and cry,
Sing low, sing high,
Strike up the band,
All o'er the land.
You wonder why?
It's 4th July!

The flag goes by,
Salute it high,
Show how you're proud,
That we're endowed.
You wonder why?
It's 4th July!

This is no rag,
It is the flag,
Red, white, and blue,
We salute you!
You wonder why?
It's 4th July!

On pole and stave,
These colors wave,
Red stripes, white bars,
Blue sky and stars.
You wonder why?
It's 4th July!

See Old Glory,
Tell the story,
Oh children hear,
Of brave men dear.
You wonder why?
It's 4th July!

Do your duty,
It's the beauty,
Gives hope and joy,
To girl and boy.
You wonder why?
It's 4th July!

When music fades,
From the parades,
Bring your laughter,
To picnic after.
You wonder why?
It's 4th July!

Now don't be late,
Come celebrate,
This news relay,
Fireworks display.
You wonder why?
It's 4th July!

All through the day,
Be sure to pray,
That all our land,
Together stand.
You wonder why?
It's 4th July!

Happy Birthday,
God bless us all.
Thanks be to God!
You wonder why?
It's 4th July! ... it's 4th July ... it's 4th July ..........


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      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

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A Reminder of Our Heritage

The only reason we appreciate our history, culture, and heritage, is because parents, teachers, authors, historians, poets, artists, etc. took the time to teach us.

Now, it's our turn to be sure to teach the next generation, so we don't break the chain.

We can learn so much from the stories of our heroes, even though sometimes it's more like the good, the bad, and the ugly.

"He who does not learn from history, is bound to repeat it."

Through it all, we have much to thank God for his guidance and protection.

Let's Show Our Appreciation

July 4th is an excellent day to show our appreciation for all that God has given us.

And to have a grateful heart for our country, our people, our public servants, our freedoms, our culture, our heritage, our land.

One way we show this is by honoring the symbols of our country and our freedom, such as the American flag.

The Story Behind the Cloth

Technically, the flag is just a piece of colored cloth. But it is more, because of what it represents.

Just like you could say that words are just words. But some words are lies. Cruel, hateful words can deeply wound and hurt for life. Words of appreciation can inspire and encourage. So yes, words do have consequences.

So what's behind the flag? The American flag represents the country of the United States.

And by country, we mean far more than just the land, the ground. We mean the people that live in the 50 states and territories.

So when we say the military defends the flag, we mean it is defending the country, the people, whom that flag represents.

The flag now has 50 stars, to represent the 50 united states of American people.

Thank your stars! ... and God bless America!

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