The Best Sermon Stories
- and Missionary Stories -
I've Come Across Online

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We all like good stories. These are some of the best sermon stories - including missionary stories - that I've come across over the years.

  • A real good story has power to touch the heart.

  • It can make you stop what you are doing - and you don't even know it.

  • You can almost forget to breathe!

I've listened to thousands of videos while working. These are some of the best sermon stories I've found.

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So many people are losing hope.

It's URGENT to offer people HOPE - RIGHT NOW !!!

First, ...

Please start with a quick prayer. All knowledge is from God, and we need the Holy Spirit to understand anything, especially good gifts from Heaven. A prayer of thanks is always appropriate before ... and after.

May I also recommend you make time when you watch or listen to these at a quiet time - not at a time you're rushed, busy, or distracted - if at all possible. Maybe a quiet evening or a Sunday afternoon.

There's a lot of food for thought in these, so you might listen to just one or two every day or evening - or even just one or two a week.

Two Great Stories by David Gibbs Jr.

Dr. David Gibbs III is an attorney, who has a 50-year old ministry that defends Christian pastors, churches, people, and issues across the nation.

He gives talks and tells great stories. You can look him up on YouTube. I hope you enjoy the true stories and lessons in these 2 videos, about the difference one person can make.

1. This first includes the story of God giving his own mother a powerful ministry despite all the odds. It actually contains 2 amazing stories. Just when you think it should end, it just keeps getting better.

The Secret Place - David Gibbs Jr.

1 hour 8 minutes

If this link does not work, try this one for another telling of the same main story and a few others in 58 minutes:

God Will Make a Way - David Gibbs Jr.

2. This next includes an astounding story of God doing what is impossible to men - when men use His power.

Doing the Impossible - David Gibbs Jr.

1 hour 25 minutes

This is almost an hour and a half long, but again, the stories get better and better.

Other stories by David Gibbs Jr. can be found online on YouTube.

Some Really Good Missionary Stories

1. The famous Pineapple Story - by Otto Koning

56 minutes.

Otto wrote a book on this, and has other stories as well.

2. Don Richardson tells his missionary story and other interesting stories:

1 hour 20 minutes

Don is the author of several books, and passed away in December 2018. More stories can be found online on YouTube.

3. Elinor Young almost died at the age of 5 from polio. Yet she became a missionary to natives half way around the world.

"Bad Legs" ~ Elinor, A Missionary Story

23 minutes

"Whom the Lord calls, He will use.

4. 50 years ago, God moved "impossible" mountains in India for the ministry of Mark and Huldah Buntain.

Mark left this earth for eternity in 1989. Huldah recalls the miracles of God in her wonderful testimony.

"Nothing impossible with God - Testimony & Message by legendary missionary from India - Huldah Buntain"

55 minutes.

Is any thing too hard for the Lord? (Genesis 18:14)

For nothing is impossible with God. (Luke 1:37)

An Amazing Aviation Story

Technology can help spread the Good News. Mission planes that often land on grass airstrips to bring supplies to almost unreachable places. Mercy ships that bring the hospital to countries with desperate medical and dental needs.

This is a unique story of a man who when 19 survived a terrible plane crash in 1969, but waited until God let him know 38 years later to start telling his amazing story:

Flight to Heaven", Dale Black

It is found in 6 parts on YouTube, here's the first of 6:

Dale has recently authored the book "Flight to Heaven" and several others.

Have You Found a Very Good Story or Two?

I'm on the lookout for good stories.

After you've listened to these stories ... if you come across a really good sermon story like those on this page, ... please use the contact form and let me know.

Thank you!

Thank your stars!

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