Stories about Gratitude

Short Inspirational Stories - Gratitude Stories

These stories about gratitude are for your inspiration and encouragement.

We all like stories. Especially children. And especially if they're true.

Stories can be fun. It's also a simple, easy way to learn valuable lessons that would otherwise ... be ... rather ... boring.

A good story grabs our attention, drives deep into our mind, and fires up the imagination like nothing else.

Here's some stories about gratitude for you to enjoy.

One of the Best Thank you Stories about Janitors

This thank you story about a janitor shows how something very little made a big difference for her, her employer, and the company she worked for.

St Therese of Lisieux Thank Your Stars Stories

The name of this website, Thank-Your-Stars, sounds "New Age." Some people have told me that. And yes, I knew that when I got the domain name.

St Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower of Jesus, wrote about the stars over 100 years ago.

Story behind Starting My Own Website

Starting my own website has been a lengthy process. It was difficult at first. There was a lot of pain, just like when babies are born. Hope and help came. Mercifully and thankfully, we soon forget the pain when it's over.

Are you having a rough time? This site is for you. It's for your inspiration and encouragement. I need it too.... We all need it. And some of us could use a whole lot more of it.

Inspirational Short Story - A Seed in the Mud

An original, this inspirational short story, A Seed in the Mud, has been years in the making, and was first written when going through a long period of financial and health challenges.

Are you having a tough time in your life, or is it your business? Too much to handle, working hard, but you feel overwhelmed, like you're just spinning your wheels? Is it a waste? Why do things have to be so hard for me?

I understand, I've been through it. A Seed in the Mud was written just for you.

I've included it here in the stories about gratitude, because some day you will look back on this period of your life and be grateful for the direction it will eventually lead you. And I know, you and me, we don't like to hear this right now when .... it's just so painful !

The Peach Tree and the Earthworm

Another original, inspirational short story. Find reasons to be thankful even in hard times. A tale of hard work, and what people don't see.

Beautiful Love Stories - Gramma and Grampa

Beautiful love stories about my grandparents.

Treasured family stories how they sacrificed and showed true love in hard times - for many long years.

Stories about my Grandmother

Grandma stories about my grandmother. Cherished family stories, a great inspiration for Grandparents Day.

Great stories about gratitude for the health, lifestyle, and blessings we have today.

Thank you, Gramma, you are truly a star!

Stories about my Grandfather

Grandpa stories about my grandfather, who lived to be more than 90 years old. Good for Grandparents Day.

Thanks, Grampa, you are a special star!

The Christmas Star Story - A Christmas Short Story

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

An original Christmas short story about a grateful little fellow called The Littlest Star, with 13 short chapters in 4 parts. For adults and children alike, a story the whole family will enjoy.

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