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Thanksgiving Song
[ - excerpts - ]

You will say on that day:

     I give you thanks, O Lord.     

Although you were angry with me, your anger
has turned away, and you comforted me.

Truly God is my salvation; I will trust and not
be afraid. The Lord is my strength and
protection; He has become my savior.

With joy you will draw water at the fountain
of salvation, and say on that day:

     Give thanks to the Lord, praise his name.     

Make known his deeds among the
nations, how exalted is his name!

--- Isaiah 12:1-3 ---


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Thursday, November 27, 2014Thanksgiving Day - USA

Sunday, November 30, 2014Advent Begins

Thursday, December 25, 2014Christmas Day

Thursday, January 1, 2015New Years Day

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Some Sample Thank You Poems

In my opinion - and it's just my opinion - here's some of my better short poems:

1.      To a Long-Time Friend - April 2010 - 3 verses.

30.    Thank you, my Little Star - November 2010 - 4 verses.

33.    The Hope of Spring - December 2010 - 5 verses.

37.    Website Blessing Prayer - January 2011 - 7 verses.

116.    Turning 50 Meditation Prayer - March 2011 - 3 verses.

119.    Let It Shine - April 2011 - 3 verses.

145.    Around the Clock - June 2011 - 5 verses.

Find out how you can use any of my poems in the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Celebrate Milestones!

Besides holidays, there are special events, occasions, and milestones worth celebrating.

From birthdays to graduation, for weddings and anniversaries, and yes, even funerals.

Go the extra mile. Say a prayer of thanks. Send a thank you card or note. Include an inspirational poem of thanks.

Celebrate Your Stars!

There are people to whom we owe some appreciation.

Especially on Mother's Day and Father's Day. They're the stars without which you and I wouldn't be around to shine. And don't forget grandparents.

How about teachers and pastors? Soldiers and veterans too!

Include a thank you poem in tributes, speeches and sermons to show your appreciation.

And in business, everything from congratulations on the new job, boss appreciation, to retirement. And don't forget customer appreciation.

Some Thoughts on Gratitude

  • Gratitude is always in season.
  • Gratitude isn't just words. It can come in a smile. It must be the way you live.
  • Gratitude can change lives, families, friends, businesses, even economies, as if by magic.
  • Gratitude unlocks the door to many blessings. Bless others, and you will be blessed.
  • Gratitude is attractive. It's impossible to be arrogant and grateful at the same time.
  • Find something to be grateful for every day. You're alive. That's a good start.

A Gratitude Tip

Here's a great way to change your focus off the negative and onto the positive:

Don't think of what other people have that you don't have. (This tends to greediness and complaints.)

Instead, think of what you do have, that others don't.

Which, by the way, is most of the rest of the world. This thought should make us much more grateful.

Count your blessings! Thank Your Stars!

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