Prayer for Veterans Day

Veterans Day Poem - Veterans Day Prayer

This prayer for Veterans Day is one of my rare non-rhyming poems, wishing the best of blessings on our veterans, and all our military.

Veterans - and soldiers - pay the price. They work hard doing a very difficult duty. They fight to keep - and restore peace on earth.

They've earned our thanks, our love, and our deepest gratitude.

Let's show it.

24. Prayer for Veterans Day

     by Paul Berchtold, November, 2010

Heavenly Father,
Author and Giver of Peace,

We ask your blessing and mercy upon
Our soldiers, veterans,
Men and women protecting home
And country.

Answering the call to action,
Willing to fight even bitter conflict
Fighting for our lives and freedoms,
Prepared to give their lives,

In serving us they serve you well.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your blessings,
Upon our veterans, our soldiers, upon us all.
Thank these, our heroes,
Reward abundantly their sacrifice.

Grant them peace of mind,
Comfort their hearts,
Heal all their wounds,
Give them strength.

Encourage them in all difficulties.
Guide and protect their travels.
Protect their family and loved ones.

Heavenly Father,

May your guidance and blessings
Be with them wherever they go,
Whatever they do.

When earthly life is over,
Bring our veterans home to heaven.

There to receive a rich reward,
Enjoy your blessed presence,
Rejoice in your eternal peace,
And be re-united with loved ones.

Heavenly Father, you promise,

No more suffering, death, and war.
No more hurt, doubt, confusion.
But only joy and happiness,
Reward, refreshment, and reunion,

With all the armies of heaven,
The angels and saints,
Our ancestors in the faith,
Our loved ones gone before us,

We ask you, Heavenly Father,

Welcome our veterans home,
To our true homeland country,
The Land of Peace and Rest



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      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

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Another 800 Year Old Prayer for Veterans Day

The Peace Prayer of St Francis of Assisi reminds us how true peace will come on earth:

  • It's a beautiful prayer for peace of mind.
  • It shows how to bring peace in our own lives.
  • It shows us how we can bring peace into the lives of others.

Prayer for Veterans - Gratitude

Honestly, we couldn't show our thanks enough.

It's easier said than done. Because really, how can we repay our veterans for the sacrifices they have made for us?

They have done so much to protect and serve our country. They did a painful job so we wouldn't have to.

Our thanks is important, but it's just not enough. Who could ever repay our veterans for the painful experiences, the suffering, the disabilities and mental torture, like survivor's guilt, nightmares, PTSD ...

- that many of them suffer, often for the rest of their lives -

... to make our lives better, to make the world in which we live a safer place to work and live?

Prayer for Veterans Day - Who Can Repay?

Well, there is one who can adequately repay. God. To properly thank our veterans, we should

  • Learn about their sacrifice.
  • Think of them often.
  • Show our thanks, thanking them as best we can.
  • And last, but most important, pray for them.

Prayer for Veterans Day - God Does Best

By praying for them, we ask God to help them in so many ways we couldn't begin to do well enough:

  • Honor their sacrifice.
  • Keep their memory.
  • Protect them and their family and friends.
  • Grant them health of mind and body.
  • Reward them in this life and in heaven.
  • And so many other graces and blessings.

Prayer for Veterans Day - Comment on the Style

This is one of my rare non-rhyming poems. I wrote this Prayer for Veterans Day in the form of a free style poem.

Free style means the words don't necessarily rhyme, there's no set meter or number of verses or lines. Towards the end of the poem, you see 2 words that do rhyme, not by planning - "confusion" and "reunion".

Why not a rhyming poem? Well, I want all my work to come from my heart. Sometimes my heart is in rhyming / singing / meter mode. And sometimes, as I think of the suffering in this world, like so much suffering of our veterans, the singing and rhyming just don't come. But the words I want to say come from my heart. They don't always rhyme.

I put in the breaks in this prayer, just like lines and verses in a poem, to emphasize each separate thought.

Prayer for Veterans Day - In my own Words

Reading a prayer from a book is okay, especially when praying together with others.

But it's also quite fine to use your own words when praying to God, just like you're having a conversation with him. Because you are!

This prayer is just a few of my thoughts today, hopefully, to give you an idea of what are the truly important things to pray for.

Sometimes, when you pray such important prayers, you want to take time. You don't want to rush it. You want to pause a bit, and reword it a bit, put it in a few different words, just like David in the Psalms, when he was grieving, or hurting, or something was really important, saying the same thing over and over again, only using different words.

God loves our creativity!

Prayer for Veterans Day - Ask Big Things

Remember, God is a very big special friend to have, and can give very big gifts, and loves it when we ask very big things for ourselves and others, because He alone can grant it !

(And of course, don't forget to thank him for what he does give us in this life. In heaven, we can be as his spoiled children and get anything we want - if we have been his faithful children on earth.)

Just like the Golden Rule, just like we would want the biggest and best, let us ask for the biggest and best things for our veterans. They deserve it.

Yes, my dear Soldiers and Veterans, you deserve it.

Prayer for Veterans Day - in the Present Tense

Maybe you're wondering why many prayers are in the present tense, as if happening now.

For example, I say in the above prayer, "In serving us they serve you well."

You could say veterans already served their military duty.

In answer, remember that many of them still suffer from their experiences, with disability, or nightmares, or flashbacks, or survivor's guilt, or any number of problems.

But more importantly, God lives in an ever present now.

So it is just as right to say, "Heavenly Father, see your Beloved Son suffering on the cross in place of us. Remember our veterans who also like your son protect us and are willing to also pay the ultimate sacrifice."

Even though Jesus died almost 2000 years ago, God does not live in our time. So don't be worried too much about having perfect words in your prayers.

Besides, I want to include all soldiers. So you can always adapt a veterans prayer to soldiers, who right now may be in harms way and really in need of our loving thoughts and prayers for God's guidance, blessings, and protection.

Prayer for Veterans Day - Prayer from the Heart

Just like a mother and father love to hear from their little children, even thought they may not say things perfectly, God is our Heavenly Father. Remember, it's the thought that counts. He looks more for the love in our hearts than a mouthful of perfect teeth and just the right words.

Once you realize this, it's so freeing to talk to God all the time and become one of his close friends.

Prayer for Veterans Day - the Power of Prayer.

There's a saying, "There's no atheist in a fox-hole." (An atheist is a person who doesn't think there is a God.)

That's because in a war, there's many times human weapons couldn't possibly do the job, human efforts seem futile, human suffering is just too great, that our minds and hearts know to cry out to the most powerful and loving force in existence for help in impossible situations.

And God delivers.

Prayer for Veterans Day - the Prayer of Veterans.

The one who prays to God, even if for others, always receives the greatest benefit.

I hope all of our veterans would talk to God about everything in their lives:

  • especially the many problems that so many civilians don't understand and don't have the slightest clue,
  • that God would give them the hope and peace and comfort of a much better world forever where there will be no more pain,
  • and in this life grant them many special graces and blessings,
  • especially the ability to once more with renewed energy live a peaceful and productive life,
  • to live out their dreams and to fulfill their destiny and to leave a legacy fulfilling whatever role God has for them in their post-military life.

And you may not know, but these points just mentioned are to me, a prayer.

Prayer for Veterans Day - A Life of Service.

Eventually, it becomes easy to make everything you do a prayer, just by enjoying God's presence with you every day, and doing all your duties - like me typing right now - in his service.

You could say that when we - soldiers, veterans, civilians - do our jobs as best we can, our life of service to others becomes a prayer.

Prayer for Veterans Day - the Best Prayer

You may see a prayer end like this, "We pray this in Jesus Name. Amen."

That's because when Jesus prays, his prayers are the most powerful. His prayers are absolutely answered, because He is God. So by praying with Jesus, our prayers are granted.

And, some real food for thought here, Jesus paid the price no one else on earth has to pay.

No soldier fighting the most terrible war and suffering the most terrible wounds and imprisoned in the worst prison has ever suffered what Jesus suffered to pay for our sins. And he was innocent, but all of us are guilty of sin of one kind or other.

Prayer for Veterans Day - the Greatest Sacrifice

So when Jesus prays, he's paid a great price to make those prayers effective.

  • A life of dedication in service to God and man.
  • Every drop of his blood.
  • All kinds of torture and pain.
  • And giving his life as a young man by dying on the cross.
The most important prayer Jesus prays - on our behalf - is that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.

Other more important prayers Jesus prays is that God be honored, praised, and glorified. That God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Prayer for Veterans Day - Use Your Own Words

Every situation is different. The best prayers are those that come from your heart and that you put in your own words.

It is easier to find the words what to pray for veterans when you take some time to think about what they have done for us. That way, you will know what to pray for.

Even if your prayer is going to be publicly read, such as at a Veterans Day event, every situation is different, and God loves to hear the details.

Like, if the veterans are older, younger, maybe there's a group of women veterans, veterans who are mothers, maybe veterans sick in a hospital, they all could certainly use special prayers because they all have different needs.

Prayer for Veterans Day - The Smart Thing to Do

You don't have to be smart to pray. But it always is smart to pray.

Just start with a simple, "God, help my veteran friend in the hospital." Or "Dear Lord, help all veterans around the world and thank them and help them today and always."

Because prayer is simply talking to God. Anything you want to say.

Prayer for Veterans Day - What do you want to say?

A prayer for veterans is telling God anything you want to say about veterans. Ask God to:

  • bless them,
  • protect them and keep them safe
  • keep them healthy and strong,
  • thank them for a job well done,
  • send our love and wishes to them
  • grant each of them and all of us true peace,
  • and so many other graces, blessings, and gifts.

Anything you want to say to God?

Tell him now. It's that easy. The sooner the better, because he wants to answer our prayers, and would love to hear from you right now.

Prayer for Veterans Day - Veterans, Peace, & Good out of Evil.

Get in the good habit now of talking to God about anything, so it becomes a habit when things get rough.

It's especially when we're having a bad time of it, when no one seems to understand our problems, when we've made a real mess of things, that's when God really want to hear from us so he can work his wonders, even big miracles, to help us.

What if everyone prayed to God for our veterans and soldiers? What if everyone made efforts to help them in their needs, especially since they have done so much for us?

No veteran would have to go through the sometimes lonely and heartbreaking ordeal alone.

What if everyone prayed to God for peace? What if everyone worked for true peace?

God would grant it. We probably wouldn't need as many soldiers and policeman and prison guards.

But until then, we live in a sinful world, a world with wars, and we can make the best of the situation by asking God to help us. We should thank him for keeping us safe in a fallen world. We should ask him to thank our veterans and soldiers, who help God keep us safe, by using their lives and making sacrifices that help protect us.

And one day, even if only in heaven, we will find out that God draws great good out of evil. In fact, it often a greater good.

Precisely because there is so much evil and suffering in this world, God makes those faithful to him become strong, good, generous leaders.

Those will have a greater reward who had to struggle and fight for the good, than if everything had been served on a silver platter.

That's how heroes are made, like our soldiers and like our veterans.

Thank your stars! They're our heroes.

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