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If you're looking for funeral poems for mom, this one is about my own mother, and a discovery I made.

After the poem, there are links to more poems for mothers and grandmothers. You can adapt these poems to your circumstances.

A Hidden Treasure Search

Even though I was 21 when mom died, I was still a boy. Her boy. I'm always her son. She'll always be my mother.

Writing this poem decades later, I tell about the treasure I found in a great discovery.

135. I Found It !

     by Paul Berchtold, May, 2011

Photos show a beautiful dress,
Long ago on her wedding day.
Lots of people gathered in church,
Some held close a flower bouquet.
"Love's in the air." Is it really love?

Another photo - just for keeps,
Mother holding me her baby,
She is smiling. The baby sleeps.
What's she thinking? I wonder, maybe,
Am I dreaming love?

I found my mother baking bread
Busy, tired, yet still going,
Love is something not easy said,
I'm so hungry, I'm still growing.
Am I tasting love?

I found my mother doing dishes,
Cooking, cleaning, singing a song,
With a smile she'd listen to us,
She taught us work, we'd sing along,
Am I hearing love?

I found my mother washing clothes,
Endless piles of dirt and soil,
Her lips moving in silent prayer,
Endless hours of work and toil,
Am I feeling love?

Throughout each day, my mother calls,
Come join in prayer, her entire brood.
Showing a more valued lesson,
Where to get spiritual food.
To find the meaning of love.

While I slept, mother was sewing,
Or with Dad reading from good books,
Late at night they prayed for us,
Love is deeper and not just looks.
A hidden treasure - is love.

I found my mother slowing dying,
Barely able to talk to me,
Her life poured out, exhausted, worn,
Heaven is now her destiny.
Is there greater love?

God, take my mother home to you,
Truly great should be her reward,
It's time to send your gift of love,
Back to you now, O all wise Lord.
To find the place of love.

Who can replace such a mother?
You gave to us, the very best.
Her suffering, toil, sacrifice,
Is ended now. Please grant your rest
To mom, with all our love. Amen.


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      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Funeral Poems for Mom - Written on 2 Special Days

I started this poem on Mother's Day, and finished it the next day - my mother's birthday.

She would have been 74 the day I finished this. Instead, she died of cancer at the age of 46, a few weeks before Christmas. She was buried the next day.

But she is not dead, she is more alive and young and energetic than ever. I truly hope she is in heaven, she deserves a rich reward. I hope to meet her there. I miss my mother.

She'll always be a mother. I can imagine her still pulling strings to see her children and grandchildren (which she never saw on earth) and generations to come, all re-united in heaven. She certainly lived and prayed for the salvation of all the souls in the whole world.

She used to say, when we had an important intention to pray for, to "put on your praying boots."

More Funeral Poems for Mom

In addition to the poems in this Sympathy section, I have more poems for mothers - and grandmothers - that may fit your needs better, or may easily be adapted to your circumstances. Some of them are found in:

Funeral Poems for Mom - The Meaning of True Love

As we get older, we realize that true love is not so much a physical or emotional feeling, it's not so much words and having a good time.

True love is not receiving, but giving, being faithful to duty and commitments, fulfilling wedding vows, making sacrifices to make others fulfill their true destiny and purpose.

Jesus told us, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20:35)

Funeral Poems for Mom - About my Discovery

This poem takes me in search of love in the life of my mother. From wedded bliss, to eternal life.

When all looks fine, everybody seems happy, is that love?

True love is found less in the beginning of life and marriage, and more at the end, when the price of faithfulness to duty is more fully paid, when the wedding vows have been kept.

In the beginning, love is nice words, sentiments, even sincere promises. But the proof is in the pudding, as love matures, deepens, and pays the price.

Funeral Poems for Mom - Love is Giving

Love is not words. It's actions! That's why the pagan Romans could say, See these Christians, how they love one another.

True love is the main Gospel message Christ taught all his life. At the Last Supper, he washed the dirty feet of his followers, teaching them to love one another. (John 13) And he prayed that his Father's love would be in them. (John 17)

Funeral Poems for Mom - No Greater Love

When one gives all, that is love. Jesus said - and then himself showed us - that "greater love than this no man has, than he lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13)

The mother pelican feeding her young birds her own blood from her breast - although not necessarily scientifically accurate - has been a symbol of Christ giving his life, shedding all his blood, to save us. It's also an appropriate symbol of a good mother.

Certainly, mothers who give up their plans, their careers, their hopes and dreams, in order to remain faithfully married, and to raise a family - certainly they qualify, as they daily give pour out the best years of their lives.

God has a very, very, very high esteem of mothers. Thank your stars.

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