Words of Appreciation - Appreciation Poems

What is Praise? - What is Gratitude?

It's easy to say words of appreciation. But do you know the meaning of appreciation?

Poems about Beauty - Appreciating Beauty - Appreciation Poems

3 special poems on beauty.

Appreciating beauty is an expression of gratitude.

Where does beauty come from? What makes people and things beautiful?

Appreciation Words - Define Appreciation

This is a list of related words - such as praise, price, and precious - sharing similar root etymologies and meaning.

Do those you appreciate, feel valued?

What is Praise - Studies on Praise and Worship

I asked myself "what is praise" over and over while researching the word thanksgiving in the bible.

I discovered it is very much related. "Praise" is thanksgiving in action, and shares similar roots with the word "appreciation."

Words of Appreciation - Down to the Roots!

Appreciation. Praise. Gratitude. Quick, give me a definition.

It actually left me kind of stuck for words!

It helps not only to get the definition, but to also find the etymology - the meaning of the root words, similar words, and their meanings from other languages.

This website is about gratitude, so I did quite a bit of word study and research over several months, so you don't have to. That's because I know for most people, word studies are very boring - including me.

But, honestly, I was quite surprised at the results - things I never knew, that are helping me a lot when I'm writing thank you cards and messages.

So believe me, I'm happy to share this with you.

I hope these pages help you shine when you thank your stars!

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