Why is Veterans Day Important

Veterans Day Meaning

Why is veterans day important? Because it's a day that has significant meaning.

Actually, veterans are important, and they make the day important.

Important People in our Lives

There are many important people in our lives:

  • our parents and family,
  • our teachers,
  • our doctors and dentists,
  • of course our friends,
  • but often, we forget veterans.

That's because many of us don't see them do their job. Or we're not around them that much, if at all.

It's the old saying, "Out of sight, out of mind."

Soldiers do an Important Job

Not all wars are justified. Not all wars are just wars.

It would be nice if every war was a just war. And even then, usually one side is wrong and is the unjust aggressor, and is not justified to fight the other side. So for them, they're fighting an unjust war

Actually, it would be even better to live in a perfect, peaceful world. Then there would be no wars.

But, the reality is, we don't.

We don't live in a perfect, peaceful world.

Unfortunately, because of sin in the world, there are people who commit crimes. There are people who violate the rights of others.

So just like we have to have policemen to keep our streets safe by stopping crime and locking up criminals, so we need soldiers to fight against injustice and protect our country.

Why is Veterans Day Important?

It's an opportunity to thank our veterans.

The ones we really should give our thanks to, are the soldiers who died to protect our country.

In a way, we really can't do that, because they aren't here living on earth.

But we are deeply grateful for their sacrifice, and we remember them on a special holiday in May, called Memorial Day.

Ask their families. They will never stop deeply loving them, that is why it hurts them so much and is such a deep heart ache.

But as we say, they did not die in vain. They fought the good fight, and we hope for them the best reward in a much better place for their brave actions and courageous sacrifice.

No doubt, they would be the first to tell us how grateful we should be to their comrades who survived the battles of war and have returned home to live among us.

It's the least we can do. Don't wait until they're also gone.

Why is Veterans Day Important? - Called to Action

As you learn more about Veterans Day, veterans, soldiers, and what they do for us, I hope you will never again have to wonder why is Veterans Day important.

Rather, I hope that all of us realize we are called to action. A simple call to action.

  • Thank a veteran. Tell him or her you appreciate their sacrifice.
  • Thank a veteran with a simple thank you card.
  • Thank a veteran by praying for him or her. It's the least we can do, but it is the most important thing we can do.

We never know how such a small courtesy can make a big difference in their life.

Can I be Frank?

I usually don't use "4 letter words". But sometimes, it's the only way to make something clear.

We don't have much of a clue the "hell" these men and women have gone through, especially on the battle front.

War is a horrible thing.

Some soldiers come home with injuries. Some don't come home at all.

Many of them have seen, felt, and experienced things most of us hopefully won't have to.

We don't know the "hell" these men and women may be going through right now, because of these experiences.

Changed for Life

Those who go off to fight wars, and experience it first hand, never come back the same.

Many millions of our soldiers have come back home with PTSD - posttraumatic stress disorder.

And / or flashbacks, nightmares, high strung nerves, phobias, anger issues, anxiety attacks, depression, to name a few of these serious problems.

These soldiers, and their families, made a lot of sacrifices for us, changing their careers, their schedules, their plans, their lives, and many other sacrifices. And yet many of them suffer the rest of their lives from physical, mental, and emotional injuries.

The least we can do is to show them that we appreciate their sacrifices.

Thank a vet. That's why Veterans Day is important.

Thank your stars!

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