Wedding Anniversary Poems

Happy Anniversary Poems, Verses, and Poetry

Are you looking for wedding anniversary poems for yourself or another couple?

I wrote this original anniversary poetry to help celebrate the special day in the best possible way.

A wedding anniversary is one of the best times for couples to renew their commitment and inspire and encourage each other - even during the hard times.

It's also a time for family and friends to come around the couple with best wishes, blessings, prayers, and thanksgiving to God in celebrating the progress made.

Enjoy these anniversary verses.

Free Anniversary Poems - Free Marriage Poem

You might think these poems are free. But you'll also get your money's worth of marriage instruction from an experienced pastor and teacher.

A lot of people are suffering in their marriage and married life because no one told them the honest-to-goodness truth about marriage.

Get the joy and happiness back! It's never too late to start over on the right foot. That's what anniversaries are really good for.

25th Anniversary Poems

These 2 original poems for 25th wedding anniversary are prayers:

  1. United in Thanksgiving - a prayer from the couple's heart.
  2. 25th Anniversary Blessing - wishes and prayers for the happy couple.

It is by the providence of God that a marriage makes it to 25 years. You might even call it a miracle.

And it takes a lot of hard work on the part of the couple to make it happen. But true love makes it much easier.

Happy Anniversary Poems to Thank Your Stars

An anniversary is a very special time to honor our loved ones. It's an occasion to celebrate with them the milestones in their lives.

It is an excellent opportunity to show our appreciation for them. We honor their commitment and dedication to each other.

That's because - we all know - it takes a lot of work and many sacrifices to persevere in true love.

Thank your stars, these are the real stars in our lives.

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