Veterans Day Tributes

Veterans Day tributes have a special purpose to honor our veterans, and call all of us to action.

Often the tribute will be given as a speech. So if you're looking specifically for help for writing or giving Veterans Day speeches, go to Veterans Day Speeches.

For tips how to write a speech in general, go to Speech Writing Help.

Writing a Tribute for Veterans

Tributes are rather rare, and should be done with a lot of care.

To get deep into the subject and do a thoroughly responsible job about it, I'd recommend your reading the Examples of Tributes.

So between all of these pages, you should be able to get a few really good ideas to help you in writing and giving a tribute and / or speech.

Special holidays and events like Veterans Day are "teachable moments", an opportunity to call our attention to the important things in life, and take away valuable lessons.

It would be a shame to waste such a perfectly good opportunity with a bunch of empty praise and fancy words that leaves the rest of us lost.

One of my favorite sayings is, "Life is too short to beat around the bush."

Ask our older veterans, they know it's true, life is short, time flies, and before you know it we're years older.

Because life is short, everything we do should have purpose and meaning.

So thanks for visiting, let's dive right in.

Veterans Day Tributes - What do I Write? Where do I Start?

Ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish? What is your call to action? Those answers are a very good place to start.

It's also a great idea to start with thanks, continue with thanks, and finish with thanks.

Welcome your audience and thank them for coming. Sprinkle your thanks throughout. There's always something to be thankful in the stories you tell. And at the end, thank your audience for listening. You'll find these and more ideas in Veterans Day Speeches.

Veterans Day Tributes - What's a Tribute?

A tribute is a public acknowledgment of gratitude, esteem, and respect. It can be a gift, a monument, a memorial, something precious and valuable to show our appreciation for one or more persons.

For the most part a Veterans Day Tribute is showing our appreciation to all our veterans by words either written or spoken or both. Or it can be for a special group of veterans, or even one veteran, maybe a family member or loved one.

It can be in the form of a speech, a writing, a poem. It can be published on the internet, in a book, a magazine. It can be engraved into a monument or plaque.

It can be given as a speech to a large gathering or assembly, maybe in a classroom,

Or it can be very private, for a close-knit circle of family and friends.

For more tips on making a tribute speech, go to Veterans Day Speeches.

Veterans Day Tributes - Where to Start

Ask yourself, why are you giving a tribute in the first place? Somebody's done something special to deserve a tribute. They are worthy of our appreciation. So make it a tribute from a heart full of thanksgiving.

Which is why it's so neat that Veterans Day comes before Thanksgiving. I'll bet it was a pretty special Thanksgiving in 1918, when the general hostilities of the greatest war up to then, (World War I), had - after years of fighting and millions of deaths and the whole world involved - it had finally stopped a few weeks earlier on November 11, 1918.

It came to be known as Armistice Day. It was later was changed to Veterans Day to honor all of our military veterans no matter what war they fought.

Go here to read more about Veterans Day history.

Veterans Day Tributes - Originality

In making any tribute, it's best to be original. The writer / speaker, the audience, the time and the circumstances are usually quite different.

And who the tribute is for, can change. In the case of veterans, while we honor them as a group, they all are special unique individuals, with many millions of unique stories and experiences.

The audience may be as diversified as seasoned veterans who understand military lingo, or school children full of questions, and wide-eyed pre-schoolers who stand in speechless awe seeing all the medals on a soldiers uniform.

Veterans Day Tributes - Just doing the Job?

It is especially touching when you see uniformed elderly veterans in the crowd, some of the very ones to whom a tribute speech is addressed.

They are living heroes, even if they don't think so, even if they think they just did their job.

Because they did a job not many, including them, like to do.

Thank your stars ! Thank you, veterans !

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