Tribute to the Pastor Wife - Part 1

Women of the Old Testament - Proverbs 31

Don't know what to say in a tribute to the pastor wife?

For starters, put that pen down. Stop typing. No, really, I'm serious.

Else, you run the risk of God being disgusted by it, as He is with so much shallow worldly fame and praise and flattery and human respect.

I'll be honest with you, it most likely won't get done in a few hasty minutes.

I beg you, truly, start with a quiet time of prayer.

Then, open your Holy Bible, and see how God and His holy people give tributes.

I'd like to give you examples for a tribute to the pastor wife, taken right from Bible, examples of tributes involving holy women, first from the Old Testament, and then from the New.

Proverbs 31 in the Old Testament.

May I recommend that before you write a tribute to the pastor wife, that you prayerfully read Proverbs 31. (Holy Bible, Proverbs of Solomon, Chapter 31, verses 10 - 31).

Part 2 has examples of tributes from Women in the New Testament.

There are many examples of holy women in the Old Testament, who deserved God's praise, and ours too.

Proverbs 31 is one of the better known.

One of the wisest men in the Old Testament was Solomon. He wrote a tribute to a virtuous wife at the end of his book of wise sayings known as the Proverbs of Solomon.

This woman - the wife of one very lucky man - is commended for her wise diligence using skills she learned, projects she started, and the household she manages to make her home and family prosperous, abundant, and thriving.

I'll let you read the long list of her accomplishments, one that took a lot of health and energy, I'd say.

To our point, is the last 2 verses which is how the Book of Proverbs ends:

v. 30. "Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but the woman who fears the LORD will be greatly praised.

v. 31. Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise." (NLT)

Now let's take these 2 verses one thought at at time.

"Charm is deceptive."

In writing a tribute to the pastor wife, remember that what a person says doesn't count so much as what a person does. Wealth, prestige, worldly acclaim and praise, mean nothing when compared to the way God really sees a person.

Jesus Himself said, "Not those who say, Lord, Lord, but those who do the Will of my Father who is in Heaven, shall be saved."

"Beauty does not last."

When writing a tribute to the pastor wife, also keep in mind that how a person looks doesn't matter much with God.

Because God sees the heart of a person.

Remember the story of David. God told Samuel He wanted a new king, and Samuel was to go to the family of Jesse and anoint him. When the sons of Jesse were gathered, the oldest looked the strongest, and had the best looking face. God rejected him, because God sees the heart.

In fact, Samuel ended up anointing David the youngest, who wasn't even there, but had to be called in from outside where he was tending smelly sheep. He was the one God chose.

"The woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised."

Three important thoughts, good to keep in mind when writing a tribute to the pastor wife.

1. The woman is a God-fearing person, obeying God's law. The fear of the Lord is an attitude of humble service, not arrogance or doing things in your own selfish way for your own selfish ends. The woman in the proverbs is commended for her diligence, industry, time and resource management - for the benefit of others.

2. Take special note that this praise occurs in the future, because the verb is future - she "will be praised."

3. So who's doing the praising? Not the writer, not Solomon.

And not the world. If the world tries to praise us, we don't want that. It is shallow, it is short-lived, and it is often self-serving.

If you expect the praise of people, which cannot always be stopped, remember, it is worthless. People are often wrong in their assessment of other people. They cannot see the heart and interior motives like God can.

That is who will praise her. And once God says its okay, so can everyone else.

True, it does say her children rise up to bless her, and her husband praises her. (verses 28-29) Her husband knows her far better than anyone else, and we can allow him his exaggeration, "You surpass them all."

But the ultimate praise does not come from mere mortals. It comes in eternity from God and His friends, when the truth is known by all.

"Reward her for all she has done."

Or as another older translation says, "Give her of the fruit of her hands."

Two areas worth considering.

1. Actions speak louder than words. A person is to be rewarded according to what they have done.

Here on earth, that means, as Jesus tells us, that "the laborer is worthy of his hire."

And certainly, there are many hard-working wives and mothers who deserve more rewards than they have been getting, and it isn't always money. Sometimes a token of appreciation, a few words of thanks, or even something as special as a tribute to the pastor wife, can go a long way in the form of encouragement and inspiration and renewed energy to continue on the right path.

2. The best way to read this verse, "Reward her for all she has done," is to make it a prayer to God.

"Dear God, please reward her for all she has done." Of course, that is what God is going to do anyway, but it's a reminder to us all that only God can adequately know all our deeds.

And only God can properly and fully reward them in Heaven as they deserve. Of course, none of us really, truly deserve Heaven, but in His mercy, love, and grace God grants us much more than we deserve. And in His justice, He is obliged to keep His promises to those who fulfill the conditions of those promises.

When writing a tribute to the pastor wife, it is always wise to include a prayer of blessing, which is a prayer asking God to bless the recipient.

"Let her deeds publicly declare her praise."

Again, this is a reminder that God puts emphasis on works, not just words. "Not those who say Lord, Lord, but those who do the will of my Father in Heaven, can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

And again, this public praise we will only see happen fully in heaven.

Another translation says, "And let her works praise her in the gates." The gates refer to the city gates, where everybody passing by would see public announcements. But a deeper meaning is had, when we think of the Gates of Heaven, and how only those are allowed to enter whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. (Revelation 21:25-27)

Tribute to Pastor Wife
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