Tribute to Pastor Wife - Part 2

Women in the New Testament - Luke Chapter 1

Planning a tribute to pastor wife, but don't know what to say?

If you haven't checked out Tribute to the Pastor Wife - Part 1, go here for examples of Women of the Old Testament.

In this second part, we again look at the Holy Scriptures as our guide, this time taken from the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

Making or writing a tribute is no easy task, and unless we are very careful, we run great danger.

That is why we so desperately need the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

In the examples below, you will find that each tribute is given by someone filled with the Holy Spirit. It specifically says this. Or in the case of the Angel Gabriel to Mary, he was giving a message directly from God.

So it is very important to ask the assistance of the Holy Spirit in prayer.

And please also notice, that in these beautiful examples, we are talking about devout people, devoted, dedicated to living a life of holiness, who truly were walking with God.

The Gospel of Luke in the New Testament

When you are planning to prepare a tribute to pastor wife, we find wonderful examples of God-inspired tributes in the beginning of the Gospel of Luke.

After 4,000 years of a spiritually dark and lost world, a small group of God's faithful people kept longing and expecting a Savior. A Savior who would bring hope, light, grace, and salvation.

God was doing marvelous things, hidden within very ordinary men and women, in preparation for these great events. It was like He was preparing all the actors for a very great play. Only, it wasn't a performance. It was truly life and death events, the greatest events in all of history, that would change history forever, and have eternal consequences.

Among the four gospel writers, also known as the four evangelists, only Luke relates the events mentioned below, and in such wonderful detail.

The Angel and Mary

In Luke chapter 1, we read the story how the Angel Gabriel greeted Mary in a most unusual way.

Mary herself was afraid, wondering what and why she was being given such great praise.

But the Angel, who was simply God's messenger, explained how Mary would be God's chosen instrument to fulfill His purpose. And Mary acknowledged that she was simply God's handmaid.

It's an excellent example of an honest and truthful tribute by God, given by His messenger. And the messenger explains how God will be glorified and His plan be accomplished. And the recipient graciously and humbly receives the tribute, and submits to God's plan, even though it was going to involve all kinds of difficulties, such as being considered a prostitute and possibly getting stoned, and Her Son considered illegitimate.

And of course, would stand on Calvary to watch her Son die on the cross, and her heart would be pierced by a sword of sorrow, as Simeon prophesied. (Luke 2:34-35)

Mary and Elizabeth

But Mary didn't sit around and enjoy the praise. The angel had told her that her cousin Elizabeth, who was in her old age, was going to have a baby. This would be proof that what was happening in Mary was truly the work of God. Mary also knew her cousin would be needing help. Mary went with haste to visit her older cousin Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was happy to see Mary. When Mary greeted her, special things happened inside Elizabeth. Her baby jumped for joy. And she was filled with the Holy Spirit and called Mary and her child blessed, and asked how she deserved "that the Mother of my Lord should come to me."

Mary also was filled with the Holy Spirit, and turned all the praise and glory to God in a special prayer of song and praise to God.

She magnifies and rejoices in God, who looked upon her humility, and from now on all generations will call her blessed, BECAUSE He who is mighty hath done these great things, and His name is holy.

Mary continues to say how powerful and mighty God really is.

Over and over you see that it's all about God, not us.

Another Tribute - Zachary and John

In the same chapter of Luke, you might read about Zachary. We read how he was struck dumb in the temple for not believing the message of God about his having a son.

Then when John was born, he could speak again. He also was filled with the Holy Spirit, and prophesied about God's work of salvation, and towards the end, addresses his baby boy, and tells him how he will be called a prophet of God, and will prepare, teach, enlighten, and guide God's people, all thanks to the mercy and grace of God.

Very appropriate for the job a pastor must do. And actually, for all of us. We all are called to be salt and light in this world. We all have work to do for the Lord, and it's important that we accept it, do it, and give the praise and glory to God always, but especially when our ministry is fruitful., all of us are called to be salt and light.

And yes, this is good food for thought when writing a tribute to pastor wife.

Because the pastor wife's role is one of supporting the ministry and work of her husband.

Even if, he makes a big mistake like Zachary, doubting an angelic messenger. I can't imagine his wife Elizabeth loving him any less, but actually, praying for him all the more and having great compassion in his trial of being struck dumb.

Thankfully, we see how God used this mistake, and it's punishment, for the instruction of Zachary, and later, to work a greater miracle in his miraculous restoration of speech, to the point of being filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesying such wonderful things of his firstborn son, John.

I pray that we too, might extend mercy and grace to our fellow human beings, especially our pastors.

To err is human, that we all are. To forgive is divine. Thank you Lord.

And now that I'm concluding this long study of tribute for pastor wife from both the Old and New Testaments, may I also ask for the support of your prayers, that I may be able to continue to teach, encourage, inspire my fellow pastors and their wives, and all who need it. May God use my words to do great good.

Thank you very much. Yes, you dear visitor, are called to be one of God's stars here in the dark night of the world. And I pray that you may become one day a bright sun in Heaven. (Matthew 13:43)

Thank your stars!

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