Silly Valentine Poems - Cute Short Love Poems

These 14 sweet, short, and silly Valentine poems were a lot of fun to do. Most of them follow the rhyming pattern of limericks. They are my first attempt at this type of poetry.

If you're looking for dirty, bawdy, or rude limericks, you won't find them here. My poetry can be funny, maybe even silly, but I want to keep it clean.

I want all my writings to stay church and family friendly.

Send the love of your life one of these clean funny limerick poems. You can include one in your Valentines Day card or note.

Many of these short silly Valentine poems could be just your ticket for weddings and anniversaries.

You are welcome to use and share these limericks, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Silly Valentine Poem Limericks

     by Paul Berchtold, January, 2011

41. Home Base Hero

O my sweetest Madame,
How truly lucky I am,
In the game called life,
You're forever my wife,
The best ever home spun Grand Slam!

42. Home Base Hero (shorter version)

Sweetest Madame,
How lucky I am,
In the game of life,
You're my wife,
My best Grand Slam!

43. The Hills are Alive

I know I'm just a hill-billy,
But how I love you, really,
I pray you'll know,
It'll always grow,
Even if it knocks me silly.

44. Without You

The more of you I drink in,
The more it gets me thinkin',
Without you I'd be,
A miserable me,
A dirty rotten brat - and stinkin.

45. Gone Love Crazy

Love is blind,
I've lost my mind,
Seeing you is wild.

You are so kind,
I'm in a bind,
Under your spell so mild.

46. Getting Old and Going Senile

Getting old and going senile? Or is it growing old and getting senile?

Then quick - before you forget - put this in writing on a Valentine's Day Card!

And then don't forget to give it. And remember the right day to give it. And, o my, where did I put my glasses again? And where's the pen? And the envelope?

O, well....memories come back in heaven...

On Valentine's I dare,
To show you that I care,
Cross my heart,
I'll do my part,
Or I might forget - beware.

47. Love Driven

Celebrating the power of a good wife in a man's life:

When I was young and lazy,
Along came this pretty daisy,
I now slave for her more,
Work as never before,
Even if it drives me crazy.

48. All Day Long

Thoughts of you keep lurking,
They are no use try shirking.
I can't think fully,
You posses me wholly,
All my day while working.

49. Sweet Little Whispers

Sweet little nothings for chronic love-birds:

O my dear, come and hear,
Let me whisper in your ear,
My best words are poor,
I want to say more,
My sweetest Valentine cheer.

50. Captured or Captivated?

I try to write words serious,
Then something comes mysterious,
I think of you,
And without ado,
I simply go delirious.

51. Tongue Tied

O how I've wracked my brains,
Now words come long like trains,
I want to tell you,
How much I love you,
But my mouth is tied by chains.

52. Practical Love

My face is red and I must blush,
Sometimes mornings when I rush,
Your love sweetly puts up with me,
You do things so quietly,
You clean the sink, the toilet flush.

53. Belated - To a Spouse

Happy Valentines belated,
I hope you're still elated,
I totally forgot,
I'm kidding you not,
I hope we can stay related !

54. Spellbound

(or maybe dyslexic)

I nevr wuz good at speling,
Say, duz it rime with fealing?
How I feal for yuo,
Simplee seing yuo,
My ize with teers aer weling.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share these poems, provided you follow the
Poem Terms and Conditions.

19 More Silly Valentine Poems

While I was doing these silly cute short love poems, I actually ended up writing 19 other "romantic" limericks as well. Check out the short sweet love poems in more short Valentines Day poems.

Well, maybe they're not so silly, maybe they're a bit more romantically serious, using metaphors and allegories.

Silly Valentine Poems - Close to Home

These poems may seem funny or silly. But to others, some of us may have experienced some of these situations, which at the time, may be quite serious.

So some of these poems may be hitting home - a lot closer than you think!

Even if you've had - or are going through - serious challenges, hopefully there will come a time you look back and can chuckle.

It's okay to laugh. We can't take life too seriously all the time.

Silly Valentine Poems - On a More Serious Note

Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love.

For children, it's love between family and friends.

For adults, it's love found in marriage. I have a further discussion on marriage, dating, and courtship on the What is Valentines Day? page.

Silly Valentine Poems - Poetry Tips

The teacher in me just keeps popping out. For those of you wanting to write your own poetry, I'm giving some tips and ideas along the way.

You may notice in these limericks, I've taken a lot of liberty with the number of syllables, but have put more emphasis and a lot of work into some very good rhyming.

Silly Valentine Poems - More Difficult Poetry

Let's take a look at the poem (above), "Spellbound" (besides the 15 spelling mistakes):

I nevr wuz good at speling,
Say, duz it rime with fealing?
How I feal for yuo,
Simplee seing yuo,
My ize with teers aer weling.

Technically, "spelling" does rhyme with "feeling", but only in the last syllable.

My thought here, is that a good poet goes the extra mile whenever possible, and with words that have common suffixes, will try to get 2 last syllables to rhyme.

For example, "option" and "nation" rhyme. But "celebration" and "nation" rhyme better.

"Caution" and "nation" would be kind of in-between, because the second last syllable is an a, though pronounced differently.

"Option" and "caution" are also fairly good, because the second last syllable has the same vowel sound, though slightly different in consonants (and of course spelling, which usually really doesn't matter that much, unless that's what you want to achieve.)

You can see some of the "extra mile" work in one of the very first poems I wrote. Several of the sets are 2 last syllable rhyming. Plus it can be pretty difficult to come up with 4 rhyming words that fit the theme! It's a thank you teacher poem titled You're the Teacher.

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