Short Inspirational Poems

6 Short Friendship Poems - Best Friendship Quotes

Inspire and encourage your friends with short inspirational poems.

We all need encouragement and inspiration, and short friendship poems are a great way to give it.

Use short rhyming poems in your thank you cards and in your greeting cards, because longer poems don't always fit nicely into a card..

Celebrate and appreciate your friends with poetry for friendship!

They're written for you too, so enjoy!

Inspirational Friendship Poems

This is the first poem I wrote for

Could I even write poetry? It's quite the story!

Needless to say, it has changed my website completely!

Short Friendship Poems

2 short inspirational poems. One is 1 verse long. The other is 3 verses long.

Use short poems in thank you cards and greeting cards, because longer ones just don't seem to fit - unless you have a big card, or you write real small and cram and your recipient has no problem reading it.

Thank your friends. Thank your stars.

Poetry for Friendship

Friends can be separated for many reasons.

This poem is a reminder that no matter what happens across time and miles, a true friendship keeps on going - forever.

Poem to Say Thank You

This unique original poem to say thank you is one-of-a-kind, because in it God is speaking to his children and friends, to say thank you!

Published on Thanksgiving day, it's a heavenly message for your inspiration and encouragement.

Poem of True Friendship

It's when you're down and out, that you find out your true friends.

I have been blessed with friends who helped me, at least with their prayers, when I was in the hospital several times with 2 major disabilities.

This poem is in their honor. May God bless them abundantly!

Best Friendship Quotes - True Friendship Quotes

Some of the best quotes for friendship are found in the bible.

King Solomon, one of the wisest rulers to ever live, collected some important sayings on friends and friendship.

Jesus is our best friend. And he told us how we can become his friend.

Poems About True Friendship

Some people say they have tons of friends. It may be true, but it usually isn't.

Oftentimes, people choose to have friends who really aren't true friends.

We should be friendly with everyone, but we must choose our close friends very wisely.

They should have good values. They should be an asset to us, not a liability.

Sadly, even good friends can let us down, disappoint us, and even turn on us. Jesus was betrayed by Judas, one who was close to him. That must have really hurt.

The Best Friendship

Some people say they have no friends. Maybe they're afraid to trust anyone anymore.

It's true, even the best of friends can let us down, can get busy and forget about us. Except for one.

Even though Jesus was betrayed, he will never betray those who trust him. He is a friend for those who have no friends.

Often, God causes us to suffer a lot of loneliness, and maybe in a lot of other ways too, until we realize, "what a friend we have in Jesus..."

He's always there when you're ready, he'll never let you down, and he wants to bring us to heaven where the deepest union of friendship will flourish.

It's easy to talk to him, because he is always there. That's called prayer.

It pays great dividends to get to know him. Not just know about him, but know him as a person, to talk things over with him.

We can know him better by reading the Gospels in the New Testament in the Holy Bible. Luckily, he isn't off in some distant land. If you let him, he can really come inside you and take all your empty loneliness away.

Thank your stars!

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