Religious Easter Poems - Christian Poems for Easter

I wrote these 2 religious Easter poems in 2 different years. I have a variety of unique Easter poems published on this site.

Writing the first poem got me thinking about some Easter celebrations years ago in our seminary. "Who keeps ringing the bell?" I'll tell you the story after the poems.

The second poem is addressed to the angels at Easter.

117. Ring the Bell !

     by Paul Berchtold, April, 2011

The night is dark and full of gloom,
Black and thick the veil,
Hark a sound ! A crash ! A boom !
Quick now ! Ring the bell !

Ring the bell as warning,
Ring the bell with might.
The bell this early morning,
What is all the fright?

There is a great big earthquake,
Men have fallen, can't even yell,
Not a move they now can make,
But you go run ! And ring the bell !

Ring the bell, use your power,
Ring the bell, let it sing,
Way up high in the tower,
On this morn in spring.

In this morning early,
The earth shakes all that dwell,
On earth a power most surely,
Is released ! Go ring the bell !

Ring the bell with fervor,
Ring the bell all 'round,
Come with youthful vigor,
Come and "see" the sound.

Empty is the garden tomb.
Jesus is alive and well !
Satan has met his final doom.
Heaven is opened ! Ring the bell !

Ring the bell to countryside,
Ring the bell in every place,
Heaven's gates are opened wide,
God pours on us abundant grace !

The sun is slowly rising,
This day God conquered hell,
Jesus rises, all surprising,
Quick now ! Ring the bell !

Ring the bell so glorious,
Ring it loud and long,
Hear the bell victorious,
Break forth into song !

The sun is shining brightly,
But brighter, who can tell,
Is Jesus, God almighty,
With power ! Ring the bell !

Ring the bell with cheers,
Ring the bell again,
God wipes away our tears,
And takes away our pain.

Broken are the sinful chains,
The ropes of sin, they fell.
Christ conquers death and gently reigns,
Grab his rope ! And ring the bell !

Ring the bell with clamor,
Ring the bell with clout,
Hit hard the little hammer,
Spread the word and shout !

Joy to souls, new life, new breath,
These things did Christ foretell,
Now risen from his grave of death,
We too shall rise ! Go ring the bell !

Ring the bell, let it swing,
Ring the bell, ding and dong,
Hear the music angels sing,
Never ending rising song !

Alleluia ! comes from heaven's birth.
Alleluia ! sing all the angels.
Alleluia ! to all who live on earth.
Now everywhere ! Ring all the bells !

Ring all the bells all glorious,
Ring them now and ever,
Hear all the bells victorious,
Their song rings on forever.

255. Easter Angels

     by Paul Berchtold, April, 2012

Angels, raise
Songs of praise.
"He is risen!"

Angels, call
Unto all,
"He is risen!"

Let all hear:
"Have no fear,
"He is risen!"

Angels, tell,
Even yell,
"He is risen!"

Angels, go
Tell them so!
"He is risen!"

Angels, say,
"Yes! Today,
He is risen!"

Angels, shout,
All about,
"He is risen!"

Angels, spread:
"From the dead,
He is risen!"

"This word keep,
Do not weep,
He is risen!"

Angels, clap!
Your wings flap!
"He is risen!"

Trumpets blow!
Glory show!
"He is risen!"

Angels sing!
Now our King,
"He is risen!"


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share these religious Easter poems, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Additional Resources

Here's some more religious Easter poems you might enjoy:

Poems help us celebrate the joy of Easter. Easter is the biggest feast in the Church calendar.

Religious Easter Poems - A Great Earthquake

When Jesus rose from the dead, there was a great earthquake. (Matthew 28:2)

I start this bell-ringing poem with some recent fatal earthquakes in mind. In olden times, the bells in the church and town hall towers were rung to warn people of danger from fire, earthquake, war, or other disaster.

  • Christchurch, New Zealand, February 22, 2011, 6.3 Richter scale.
  • Northwest Japan, Friday, March 11, 2011 9.0 Richter scale, with tidal wave and nuclear radiation.
  • And recently I was researching the Alaska earthquake and tidal wave, Good Friday, March 27, 1964, 9.2 Richter scale.

Religious Easter Poems - Reminder of Seminary Days

So here's my Easter bell ringing story.

One of the seminaries I went to was a big 4 story brick building out in the country, built over 100 years ago, I think it was 2 1/2 million bricks. It was a huge building out in the country. It had 2 big staircases to get to different floors, besides an old elevator.

Religious Easter Poems - The Bell Tower

There was a third way to get between the main floors. It was a square interior bell tower, that went all the way from the basement to the roof. It also had a nice stairway from the bottom to the top. You could even use it to come into the chapel by the side door.

And coming all the way down from the top to the bottom, was a very long rope, so you could ring the bell from any floor, or from any step. Of course there was a railing and multiple landings so you wouldn't fall down the tall tower.

It was a bit scary climbing near the roof, and looking down from the top, which we didn't do very often !

Religious Easter Poems - Bell Ringing

Part of training in the seminary was to take turns doing different duties. One of the duties was to ring the bell. There were little bells, buzzer bells, lots of bells. Bells that told everyone to get up, go to chapel, go to classes, time for dinner, etc.

So unless you were a teacher or official, each person was assigned a week to ring the bells. And you'd get in trouble if you forgot or were late.

Religious Easter Poems - The Big Bell

And, there was the big bell in the tower. You had to learn how to do it just right, pulling it down and letting it swing back up, and then picking up momentum and pulling it down again. At certain times of prayer, we'd strike the hours, with so many strokes, and then, let it sing over and over, usually 12 times.

Now, it was important to ring the bell right, else it would clunk or clang, and not ring or "peal". Which could be very "un-appealing" !

If you pulled to hard or let it swing too much, it could swing off the rocker. You could sometimes hear the whole frame creaking on top the roof. You didn't want the bell to come crashing through the roof !

Religious Easter Poems - Easter Services

Now the largest chapel in the building also serves as the parish church, and on big feast days like Easter, crowds of people would come. The pews were packed, often there was standing room only in the isles, extra chairs were placed out in the halls, and there was more seating upstairs in the choir loft. Often, there were over 100 people in the choir. If I wasn't in the sanctuary as an assistant, I was often singing in the choir.

In Lent, the organ wasn't played, but at a certain time in the Easter Service, it was put into use again.

Religious Easter Poems - Early Easter Morning

The Easter Midnight Vigil Services often went a long time. The long season of Lenten prayer and penance climaxed with hours of worshiping and praising God. A new season had begun, one of joy and celebration - Easter ! People came from far away, many from out-of-state, for the Easter midnight services. Many of them included families of the students, including my own family many times.

Then people gathered for refreshment. Many hadn't seen each other for a long time, so they visited and laughed and talked, and often visited quite a while.

Soon, the sun was rising. In those early years, often people were still visiting inside, or starting to assemble outside, if the weather was nice.

Religious Easter Poems - Bending the Rule

This seminary was very strict. If you didn't do things right, you could get in a lot of trouble.

I happen to be the creative type, I don't like to follow the rules. Still, I did my best to keep the rules, and usually got good grades.

But there were a few times I figured out ways of bend the rules. One of them was Easter morning.

Religious Easter Poems - The Bell Stays Silent

For the 3 days before Easter, no bells were rung, to remember the sad funeral of Jesus on Good Friday.

But, at 6 am on Easter, just like most days, the big "bell tower" bell could be rung. Sometimes, I was the bell ringer. Even if I wasn't, usually nobody would remember to ring the bell, because it was not an ordinary schedule. And I was ready for some noise and celebration !

After all, Easter's the biggest feast of the year, so let's put the bell back to it's joyful work in a grand style !

Religious Easter Poems - Covering My Tracks

Now, I had several things in my favor:

  • The teachers and officials were busy seeing friends and family they hadn't seen.
  • Hundreds of people were talking, which echoed through the large marble halls, so people had to talk louder than usual above the din.
  • The bell was outside on the roof, the windows were usually closed because of colder weather.
  • So, because of all the noise and echoes, most people could not hear it from inside if it rang.
  • And if they could, everybody was in a joyful mood anyway, if not pretty tired.

Religious Easter Poems - Let It Ring !

So at 6 am Easter morning, or sometime around there, I would start ringing the prayer bell.

I rang the bell for the usual strokes. And then, instead of letting it ring 12 times, I rang and rang it hundreds of times, maybe for 15 or 20 minutes or longer.

Nobody told me I couldn't. I just went ahead and did it. I did it until I got tired.

And then, it was time for the sleepy head to go to bed.

Religious Easter Poems - Easter Celebrations

Because we were up most of the night, we got to sleep in late. (Sometimes some of us stayed awake all day, but I found out that's pretty miserable.)

Later, there would be more parish services. The day was spent with prayers, singing, festive meals, and recreation.

Because it was such a busy time before Easter with different services, we were always off school for the last 2 or 3 days before Easter. And then we were off school the entire Easter week after.

Religious Easter Poems - Ready for Noise !

During Lent, we didn't talk much at meals. During the Easter Season (9 weeks), and especially the Easter Octave (8 days) we could talk a lot more, almost at every meal.

Now you can see why on Easter I was ready to "Make a joyful sound to the God our salvation!" (Psalm 66:1; 81:1; 95:1-2; 98:4,6; 100:1)

"For this is the day the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice in it!" (Psalm 118[or 117]:24)

Religious Easter Poems - Who's Ringing the Bell?

The years I pulled this trick, almost nobody caught on. A few times someone would come by, saying, "O, it's you who rang the bell." It was probably the assigned bell-ringer, but no one figured out how long I'd let it ring. (In fire season, if we heard it ring a while, we'd all come out of the buildings and onto the grounds to help put out the grass, wheat, field or forest fire.)

Religious Easter Poems - Do It Now, Ask Questions Later

I guess as a teenager and young adult, I had a lot of pent up energy to burn. I guess I did a lot of things without asking. But this just felt right.

I never really planned it. Often, I was helping put out candles and cleaning up the sanctuary.

But I am surprised, how many years when I'd leave by the side door of the church, that I'd get a sudden impulse to look at the time, and grab the rope, and "ring away."

I wonder if God just didn't want to hear the bell full blast swinging and singing. After all, it's time for dancing and rejoicing. His son rose from the dead! No more dying, pain, suffering, it's all over, only joyful celebration.

Religious Easter Poems - An Eternal Easter

I doubt I could pull it off now, because soon after, the services were shorter. They're still the longest in the year, starting at 10:30 or 11:00 pm, but they're usually finished by 1:30 or 2 am. The last time I was there - years ago - people stayed for just a few minutes to talk.

More people have built homes and have moved into the local area. You have to realize this bell can be heard for miles.

But it is fun just thinking about this memory. Just think, we'll be able to do anything we want in heaven.

Thank your stars, there will be lots of room in the whole world in the whole universe - and beyond - to have fun !!!

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