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Pastor appreciation ideas is a topic very close to my heart. Read further below to see why.

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Prayers of Jesus for Pastors

Pray for your pastor. Jesus did.

In the link above, you will find the bible Prayers for Unity and Prayer of Thanksgiving that Jesus himself prayed.

Remember to include all pastors. Assistant pastors, youth pastors, men and women leaders in the church.

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make a picture of a cross.

Don't forget retired pastors in their golden years. And chaplains, whether in the military, a hospital, or a prison. And missionaries, who often have few - if any - local people who appreciate their efforts.

Put prayer at the top of your list of pastor appreciation ideas. In heaven we'll see the huge difference our prayers make.

When is Clergy Appreciation Day?

Clergy Appreciation Day is also known as Pastor Appreciation Day, or Pastor Appreciation Sunday.

It's usual date of celebration is the second Sunday in October.

Some churches, parishes, or congregations may celebrate it at a different time.

What is Pastor Appreciation Month?

Celebrate the clergy in Pastor Appreciation Month. Honor your pastor, a spiritual church leader.

More pastor appreciation ideas. Pastors are only human. Remember the Golden Rule.

A Poem for Pastor Appreciation Day

This link above is to a poem for Pastor Appreciation Day, written by a pastor, for pastors.

Who knows your pastor better than the Good Shepherd?

Thank You Pastor Poems

Looking for Thank You Pastor poems? Here's two more original poems, written by a pastor for pastors.

Many people are looking for poems. They're a great pastor appreciation idea.

Ideas for a Tribute to a Pastor - and another Poem

Click on the link above for lots of pastor appreciation ideas to properly celebrate Pastor Appreciation Sunday, including a tribute to a pastor and all the events that surround it, in church and afterward.

Get everyone involved in the celebration. Bring down the abundant blessings of God upon the Pastor and the entire parish. The Who, What, Where, When and How to hold a tribute.

The page starts with a soft golden sunset photo and a relevant poem.

Pastor Anniversary Poems

Another important pastor appreciation idea is to remember his anniversary, whether of his ordination, or his first arrival in your church. This original poem is a blessing prayer written by a pastor, to help you celebrate your pastor's special anniversary occasion.

This type of poem is a thoughtful way to celebrate you pastor, and to pray for, bless, and encourage your pastor. It can be used in speeches, tributes, sermons, thank you cards, and greetings.

And yes, don't forget that married pastors also have wedding anniversaries to celebrate!

Church Anniversary Poems

Are you doing church anniversary planning? Here are 2 original poems. One large church commissioned one of these poems for their 100th anniversary, and it was set to 4 part choir, organ, and optional brass quartet.

Include church anniversary poems in your church bulletins in the months ahead, and also in your invitations and church welcome program to celebrate the special annual occasion of the of the erection, dedication, blessing, and/or consecration of your church.

Church anniversaries - especially multiples like 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, or more - don't come around very often!

Pastor Wife Appreciation Poems

Here are 5 short pastor wife appreciation poems for wives of pastors, appropriate for a thank you card or note of appreciation.

2 of these poems refer to the story of Jesus, Martha, and Mary, found especially in the Gospel of Luke.

We can all find encouragement and inspiration - and especially guidance - from this biblical story.

Here's a great pastor appreciation idea to kill 2 birds with one stone. (Not literally, of course !)

Simply use - or adapt - any of these poems for any worker of Jesus - the pastor, his wife, missionaries, those who support or serve the Body of Christ.

That way, you can include a poem in just one card to both the pastor and his wife - together!

Pastor Wife Prayer Poem of Thanks

This pastor wife prayer poem of thanks is especially for the wives of pastors, but it's good food for thought for any wife or mother, and can easily be adapted to your particular circumstances.

So if you're busy in the swing of things, cleaning the house or washing the dishes or cooking, take a moment to pray a little thank you for God's blessings - in a poem.

Encourage the Wives of Pastors

Looking for Pastor Appreciation ideas? Don't forget the wives of pastors - and the rest of the family.

What most don't see, it's often a very difficult vocation. They need encouragement and deserve our thanks and support for their special ministry.

Tribute to the Pastor Wife - Part 1

Before making or writing a tribute to the pastor wife, it is important to ask God's help in prayers. And then seek God's Wisdom in the Bible.

Part 1 is taken from Women of the Old Testament - Proverbs 31 of Solomon, praising the virtuous wife.

Tribute to Pastor Wife - Part 2

Part 2 of making or writing a tribute to pastor wife is taken from the Women in the New Testament, the Gospel of Luke, chapter 1.

Read about Gabriel, Mary, Elizabeth, and Zachary, all filled with the Holy Spirit when they paid tribute to God - and His human instruments.

Examples of Tributes

Looking for good Pastor appreciation ideas and doing a tribute?

Let's look in the Bible. Paul's short letter to Philemon. And the Book of Revelations, chapters 2 and 3.

I consider this a must read, if you want to do a Spirit-filled Christian tribute for notable persons or special occasions, such as:

Bible Scripture Quotes

Pastor Appreciation Ideas is as good a place as any, to explain the several sources of the Bible Scripture Quotes used on this website.

Is bible reading hard for you? Find the answers to your biggest problems. Find meaning and purpose in your life. Receive comfort, inspiration, encouragement when you need it most. Be prepared - ahead of time - for every emergency.

That should gladden the heart of your pastors, whose duty is to help plant the seeds of God's Word in your heart.

And it will help you achieve your true destiny and your highest potential.

Bible Journaling

One of the most effective ways to read and study the bible is by journaling.

Commit to it daily and it will change your life.

It's easier than you think, and it has many, many benefits.

Once a Pastor, Always a Pastor

There's lots more pastor appreciation ideas - and for the pastor's wife too (if you're in a denomination that allows this.)

But first, let me tell you why serving pastors, God's people, schools, etc is very close to my heart.

I know what it's like.

I was a pastor of several small churches for 7 years before I suffered major disabilities in the 90's.

If you're a true pastor, God gives you a shepherds heart. You still continue to pray for your flock, even if you can't take as much of an active role, due to circumstances.

This is how we got many of the epistles of St. Paul, who, separated by missionary miles, still prayed and labored and wrote to his spiritual children.

If those painful circumstances hadn't happened, we probably wouldn't be reading his letters 2000 years later.

For all my complaining to God for years - translate that into the power of prayer - for taking away "my" parish, God has restored to me a much bigger parish. Thanks be to God, this website is a ministry, seen in well over 100 countries every month.

Every day I get more visitors than some of the largest congregations I've preached to. Some days, it's multiple times that.

And it's not people dragging their families to church once a week, to get a "potluck" sermon. It's people actually looking for inspiration in real time, or wanting answers to their questions. It's a night and day difference.

And people, who may be too embarrassed to ask the pastor directly, can hide behind online anonymity. It's like praying to God. You don't see him, but his message is there.

I'm here too. Maybe you won't see me in the pulpit of your local church, but I always have a lot to do for God's children.

And I definitely appreciate your prayers to help me in this responsibility. And you will share in the reward, as you'll see below.

If you're a burnt out pastor, or a pastor thinking of quitting, I hope the pastor appreciation ideas, poems and resources on this website help you find the inspiration, direction, wisdom, and success God wants for you.

Even if you have to get a job and work in the world to make ends meet, pray that you always keep a pastor's heart, and any work you do will become your ministry.

Start Small. A Simple Card.

God's big enough to take care of everyone. But He wants to work through you. He would like to use you, to reach out to your pastor with love, and do something special for him.

What is it? Well, here's maybe the best pastor appreciation idea.

In your prayers, ask God what He would like you to do, then do it.

That's because every pastor is different. We don't see all the work and struggle behind the scenes. God knows the heart of your pastor, and knows best what he really needs.

Talk it over with others if it's a little unusual, such as a large gift. That can take some doing. And a lot of planning.

But you can always do something small.

A thoughtful card, a thank you poem, a basket of fruit, a little gift now and then - even just a genuine smile and saying thank you - can go a long way to cheer up your pastor and show your appreciation.

Need more Pastor Appreciation Ideas?

Remember, Gratitude is always in season.

And not just in October, which is Clergy Appreciation Month.

Please, always remember to pray for your pastors. They need spiritual strength to fight the good fight. Pastors are often the special target of the devil, because of all the good that they can do for others.

And do you know what the favorite tool of the devil is? Discouragement.

So do whatever you can do to inspire and encourage your pastors. The best way, of course, is to apply the teachings of the Gospel in your own life. To be a good parishioner. To be a good example.

Don't just fake it, but truly keep making progress to change for the better on the inside of you, with the help of the Holy Spirit, who is with you and in you.

Pastor Appreciation Ideas to Encourage and Inspire

One of the heart-aches for a pastor is when certain people in a parish want to be difficult. They're mean. They fight. They gossip. They slander. They detract. They try to divide the Church. I'd hate to be in their shoes on judgment day.

  • First of all, don't do it yourself. Sure, your pastor is human and makes mistakes, just like we all do. Nevertheless, don't make his job tougher.
  • Show your support. Your positive encouragement can do a lot to counteract a lot of the negativity he may be getting. Dante said, "The deepest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of moral crisis, do nothing."
  • With the right support - especially the help of God, which we can get through our prayers - even a weak pastor can become strong, a discouraged pastor may be encouraged, a tired pastor refreshed, a hard working pastor renewed and energized.

Pastor Appreciation Ideas to Include the Least

It's true, many pastors are overworked. Sometimes, they have very difficult challenges - such as financial, health, and family emergencies. Sometimes, they get stressed and burned out.

  • I wonder how many of the 1500 pastors that leave the ministry each month in the United States, did so because they had more people tearing them down, than supporting and encouraging them.
  • I wonder how many of them would not leave, if just a few more people would step up and do their duty.

When pastors leave the ministry, for whatever reason, we need to appreciate their sacrifices. Unfortunately, the world, and even many churches, basically toss them aside as useless.

God doesn't. He never forgets and always appreciates what they did for him and his people.

Even if they stray from the faith, the least we can do is to always pray for them.

Be a Blessing!

One final but very important pastor appreciation idea.

As a member of Christ's body, we share in the ministry of others when we support and help one another.

Jesus said that whoever welcomes a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and whoever welcomes a righteous person as a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward. (Matthew 10:41)

Let God use you to be a blessing to your pastor. That way, God can give you special blessings.

And that's my prayer for you, dear visitor.

Thank your stars!

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