Pastor Anniversary Poems to Celebrate Your Pastor

Pastor anniversary poems can be a thoughtful way to celebrate you pastor, and to pray for, bless, and encourage your pastor.

I wrote this poem for a pastor, on:

  • either the anniversary of his/her own dedication/ordination,
  • or the anniversary of his/her first coming to, assignment at, and/or installment in the present church.

Actually, a pastor can have several other anniversaries, which I'll write about after the poem.

81. Pastor Blessing Prayer

     by Paul Berchtold, February, 2011

In prayer today, Lord, we uplift,
Thank you for your special gift,
A pastor for our flock to feed,
To plant your Word as holy seed.

Lord, you're good shepherd over all,
Thank you for your special call,
On this anniversary day,
Bless our shepherd in every way,

Grant our pastor a shepherd's heart,
Help each of us to do our part,
So we be worthy, your chosen flock,
Firmly founded on Christ the Rock.

Grant our pastor many days,
Bless him, Lord, in many ways.
May his work be ever fruitful,
For which we, Lord, are most grateful.

May our pastor be faithful, Lord,
To receive from you, eternal reward,
Safe in heaven, safe with you,
May all your flock rejoice anew. Amen.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

A Pastor Anniversary Poem of Prayer and Blessing

Pastors have a great responsibility, the care of souls. The devils don't like it.

Good pastors not only have many duties like the rest of us, but often face attacks from the devils, bad people, and even "good" people in church.

Pastor Anniversary Poem - Prayer Against the Devils

The devils don't bother bad people that much, because they're on their way to hell anyway.

But the devils hate terribly those who help Christ in the work of salvation, because they know they won't be able to torment forever the people that go to heaven. The devils hate people going to heaven, because those people will be taking the places they lost forever. So that's why we have to fight many temptations and distractions - coming from the world, ourselves, and the devil.

And while the devils can't do anything about the people already in heaven, they do everything in their power to prevent people from going to heaven.

A Pastor Anniversary Poem of Prayer and Blessing

The devils especially hate the work of a good pastor - or a good missionary - who can help Christ bring many people to heaven by giving a good example, praying for his people, and preaching the Word, especially the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Being a pastor can be a very demanding, a very stressful job. Pastors need God's help, our help, and your help.

They need all the prayers, graces, and blessings they can get. Especially to be faithful to their calling from God.

In praying for a pastor, you tap into the power of Christ, who is stronger and more powerful than all the devils put together.

In praying for a pastor, you also share in his reward, and the reward of all the souls he helps Christ to save.

Pastor Anniversary Poems - For Your Spiritual Leader

In the United States of America, approximately 1,500 pastors leave the ministry each month.

Many times, it's simply because not enough people really care.

A good pastor, like any good leader or parent, has many burdens and responsibilities. Very often, pastors make many "behind-the-scene" sacrifices and prayers that few people, if anyone at all, even knows. Pastors need our prayers and God's blessings.

Just as it is appropriate for children to pray for, honor, and remember their father and mother - at least once a year in a special way on Father's Day and Mothers Day - so it is appropriate to pray for, honor and remember our spiritual leaders.

Pastor Anniversary Poems - Show and Tell

But it's not enough to do it privately. We also need to do it when we get a chance, either personally or publicly, in words spoken - such as a tribute, speech or sermon - or written, such as on a thank you card.

Such acknowledgments can be very encouraging to your pastor.

I know what it is like to get very few acknowledgments. If you're a pastor, and you're in that situation, I want to encourage you that our best reward and appreciation is still coming - in heaven.

Pastor Anniversary Poems - Other Pastor Anniversaries

We all have special days to remember. Some of us remember our graduation from grade or high school! ... and some of us don't. Maybe too busy, maybe we don't have such a good memory, maybe it was just too long ago!

Some people love Sundays. Some of us remember special events, like winning a trophy.

Some of us still have bad memories, an accident, an injury, surgery, a loss. Maybe, a miraculous escape from injury or harm.

They are "milestones" of God's faithfulness in our lives.

A pastor also may have special days. Maybe he remembers the day he graduated from seminary.

He may also have other anniversaries, which can be an appropriate time to give him your best wishes, congratulations, a card, or gift:

  • If married, a wedding anniversary,

While he is a pastor, the congregation may also celebrate:

  • The anniversary of the founding of the congregation,
  • The anniversary of the church building dedication/blessing,

I wrote 2 Church Anniversary Poems to celebrate this special occasion.

Pastor Anniversary Poems - More Poems and Resources

When you drill deeper, you will find many pages on this site for pastors. There are also many poems, some of which can be adapted for various occasions.

You will find most of the pages listed in Pastor Appreciation Ideas for any time of year.

Some very special times to honor your pastor personally and as a congregation every year are:

Pastor Anniversary Poems - Birthdays?

Further, if you're in to celebrating birthdays, don't forget your pastor's birthday, because he is a human too, and no matter how old, he once was a newborn baby.

Question: How many birthdays have you had?

Answer: Only one.

  • All the rest are "anniversaries" of your birthday.

Make that two, if you're "born again" in Christ. And that is also a very special anniversary to keep, if you remember. If you don't remember, don't worry. Easter is traditionally a day to celebrate our new birth in Christ, who saved us by his death on the cross and resurrection.

Thank your stars!

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