Its My Birthday Today

Poems to Celebrate When its Your Birthday

Finally, it's my birthday today. Some of us can hardly wait.

Birthdays are our own special holiday. Let's be thankful to God for the gift of life - and our time here on earth.

Thanks also to our parents, not only when we were born, but for the commitment they have made all these years.

Let's celebrate with some poems!

166. Special Announcement

     by Paul Berchtold, August, 2011

To you, dear God, I first pray,
Since its my birthday today.
Thank you for all you're giving,
You start and keep me living.

Angel kind, with me you stay,
It's my birthday. Big hooray!
Ever quiet and polite,
Let's sing and dance with delight!

Mom and dad, I want to say,
Now its my birthday today,
I owe you thanks from my heart,
You do well your special part.

Friends with whom I work and play,
Yes, it's my birthday today.
A year older seems so great,
O please help me celebrate!

To everyone, I shout Hey!
Yes. Its my birthday today.
Come every girl and boy!
Let's bring our thanks with much joy!

167. Wait and See!

     by Paul Berchtold, August, 2011

3 more months and then just 2,
What am I supposed to do?
1 month left, so very long,
When will it come along?

Wait ... wait ... wait ... and see.

3 more weeks and then just 2,
What am I supposed to do?
1 week left, so very long,
When will it come along?

Wait ... wait ... wait ... and see.

3 more days and then just 2,
What am I supposed to do?
1 day left, so very long,
When will it come along?

Wait ... wait ... wait ... and see.

What my thoughts endless hover?
What will come, be quickly over?
Let me make it very clear,
My birthday is coming near!

Wait ... wait ... wait ... and see.

Then one morning, when I wake,
Suddenly I double take.
The sun is up, o my dear!
My birthday is finally here!

Wait ... wait ... wait ... it's here!

Morning, noon, the time does fly,
It goes so fast I could cry.
How can I fit it all in?
A great way is with a grin.

Wait ... wait ... wait ... and smile!

Best of all is gratitude,
A "Thank the Lord" attitude.
God gave me life and the time,
And the gift to make this rhyme.

Wait ... wait ... wait ... it's over!

168. Forever Clever

     by Paul Berchtold, August, 2011

My birthday flies by way too fast,
Too bad the good times whiz on past.
Days of waiting go slowly by,
But why do fun days seem to fly?

For a long time it used to be,
My shortest day in history,
Until I figured out a way,
To make longer my birthday!

These are secrets I'm telling you.
To make up for the hours so few.
On the days before and after,
I celebrate with joy and laughter.

Every day is so special,
By God's blessings, the are full,
So full of grace and living true.
Every day I'm born anew.

And when I get to heaven's gate,
There is no night that gets too late,
It's one long day that goes forever.
It's my birthday! See how clever!

It's on the day I leave this earth,
I hope to have eternal birth,
Home in heaven where it will be,
Happy Birthday eternally!

169. Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks Again

     by Paul Berchtold, August, 2011

God, there is so much evidence,
I thank you for your providence,
In making me. How great you are,
From smallest dot to greatest star.

It's my birthday because of you,
Orchestrating morning dew,
Rising sun and the ocean tides,
Every part of my insides.

I thank my stars that I was born,
That I'm not just an ear of corn.
God thank you for your daily aid,
It's in your image, that I'm made.

There's lots of things that I observe,
You made me well so I can serve.
You know the number of my hairs,
Every joy and all my cares.

My arms and feet you gave to me,
My face and nose, my eyes to see,
My ears to hear, my nose to smell,
You have made me so very well.

Where in all nature can I find,
What you have done for us mankind?
Along with food, you give us drink,
You give us minds so we can think.

I'm glad I am not a donkey,
Nor am I come from a monkey.
I come from you, not animal,
You planned my size, how big and tall.

In your likeness I am your child,
Though almighty, you're father mild.
You gave to me, an angel dear,
To be with me, both far and near.

Where I was born, is by your hand,
The country and this special land,
Thank you for the time and place,
And that I survived by your grace.

When I was born, is thanks to you,
You knew when my mother was due,
You saw my efforts to survive,
I thank my stars that I can thrive.

How I was born, is by your plan,
I was a boy, now I'm a man,
You are so wise, for you know best,
That I'd be born in the far west.

You wired me in many ways,
For many purposes, all my days,
To learn new things and many skills,
To do the work that best fulfills.

Lord thank you on this day of birth,
For all my time spent here on earth.
Your call to heaven I'll await,
I'll see you at the pearly gate.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

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Its My Birthday Today - Really!

I wrote these poems on my actual birthday.

I find it's great to write in the moment. A Christmas poem on or around Christmas. A poem for mothers on Mothers Day.

And of course, poems announcing its my birthday today are best written - on my birthday!

Of course, they'll work for you too when your birthday comes around.

Happy Birthday, and thank your stars!

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