Importance of Thanksgiving

What is the Purpose of Thanksgiving

Do you know the importance of Thanksgiving?

I just had to have a little fun posting this page after all the heavy duty serious pages I've posted related to this topic on this website. Of course, posting this page around midnight 2 weeks before Thanksgiving may be the reason.

So if you really want some solid good stuff, there's quite a few other pages I've posted in the Thanksgiving Customs and Traditions section.

So What's the Importance of Thanksgiving?

Actually, it's the only one of our major national - or popular - holidays that tells us what to do - in the name.

  • In December, Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • In January, the New Year just tells us when a new year has begun.
  • In February, Valentines Day is named after St. Valentine.
  • In March, Saint Patrick's Day is named after St Patrick in Ireland, of course.
  • In March or April, Easter is named after the rising Easter Sun. Or Christ, coming from the East.
  • In May, Mothers Day for mothers. The name doesn't tell us what to do. But it should be pretty obvious what we should do.
  • In June, Fathers Day is for fathers. Ditto.
  • In July, Independence Day. We're already independent. Or supposed to be.
  • In August, what, no holiday? But it's my birthday! But wait. I'm already born. Celebrate it anyway. The more the merrier. It's not on some calendars, but it should be a major national holiday, and it certainly is very popular for me. I just sense my funny bone will tickle when I start posting the birthday section of this website in the near future for you.
  • In September, Labor Day. That's oxymoronic (meaning, a contradiction of terms). Because it's actually a day we don't labor. Some people, anyway. I usually have too many late summer chores on the farm.
  • In October, no spectacular national or popular holiday, unless you count Pastor Appreciation Day or Boss Appreciation Day. Maybe we can celebrate the "Falling of Leaves" (in the Northern Hemisphere), or the first full month of Spring (in the Southern Hemisphere), or something like that. Or maybe everybody else's birthday. And I don't go trick or treating. Can't eat candy for one thing. Past my bedtime anyway. So why am I still up tonight?
  • In November, Veterans Day, which is simply named after our veterans.
  • Then in November Thanksgiving. Now finally we have a day that tells what we should be doing. We should be giving Thanks.

Good thing it isn't called Turkey day. But some people do.

"Gobble, gobble gobble." Funny thing is, the turkey can't gobble if you're the one gobbling it up for dinner.

The Importance of Thanksgiving - Huge

Some people say that Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of the year. Maybe in some ways, like travel and more family re-unions.

But compared to Christmas, I think Christmas wins, especially, if you consider the amount of decorations and lights, the preparation for 4 weeks in Advent, and at least 12 Days of Christmas to celebrate afterward.

There's just no 12 days of Thanksgiving. But every day of the year, we should be giving thanks.

The Importance of Thanksgiving - Gratitude

Okay, I better get serious and leave you with some food for thought before I waste more cyberspace.

If I could get only one virtue in my life, I think I would want it to be gratitude.

Because with it, come so many other virtues.

You have to be humble and honest to be truly a thankful person, acknowledging that your gifts come from the help of others: God, parents, teachers, etc.

You have to be a generous person, because you are giving thanks.

You have to be kind, because you are giving something very nice.

You have to be a very thoughtful person, because think and thank come from the same root word.

The Importance of Thanksgiving - Think and Thank

In the same line of thought, Think and thank are like twins. You can't have one without the other.

You have to take some time to think before you can properly thank. You have to think of what your thankful for.

And if you're thanking someone, you were thinking of them, you're being thoughtful.

The Importance of Thanksgiving - Forgetting to Think

Unfortunately, many of us don't think enough, and so we don't thank enough.

In our busy, hurried, rushed lives, we often overlook the big and small blessings in our lives.

The Importance of Thanksgiving - Spell it Out

Aren't you glad there comes a holiday that spells out in its name what exactly we're supposed to be doing? That's why Thanksgiving is so important.

Three Cheers and Thank your stars for Thanksgiving Thursday !!!

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