Happy New Year Greetings
Happy New Year Wishes

Happy New Year Greetings and Wishes!  There's plenty of ways to say it as we begin a new year!

It is usually one of the first things we say to each other, if we are awake at midnight, or when we meet each other throughout New Year's Day.

And if I haven't seen them on New Years Day, I sometimes wish my friends a Happy and Blessed New Year even towards the end of January, because it is still the New Year!

When does it get old, I wonder?

Happy New Year Greetings and Wishes - Many Ways to Say It!

There are many ways to say or write your New Years wishes.  First, let's start with the list of adjectives - the words that describe New Years.

  • Happy - rather common
  • Blessed - I use this, coming from a culture where we use it a lot - Blessed Christmas, Blessed New Years, Blessed Easter - especially in writing.  And as a Pastor, I want to make sure to ask God's blessings on the holidays, seasons, and the New Year, and on God's people.
  • Holy
  • Peaceful
  • Fantastic, Great
  • Awesome - I personally don't use this one, I think only God is awesome, but it seems to have acquired a bit different meaning among young people today.  To some folks, just about everything is "awesome."
  • Healthy - I use this one a lot, especially since I had many health problems in the past, and know what a precious gift good health is just to do your work.
  • Prosperous and Abundant - we can all use these one, but it doesn't necessarily mean money, which most of us think we need, because maybe we need other things more, like the abundant life. (John 10:10)
  • And there's more, according to personal, family, church, or local customs.

There are literally thousands of ways to say and write it.  I always try to not just say or write it, but really make it come from the heart.

When You Make New Year Greetings and Wishes in Person

When meeting someone in person, such as my friends who work at the grocery store, like I did this afternoon (on New Year's Eve), or even a few days before, if I probably won't see them on the holiday (like co-workers), I try to make my greeting 2 sentences, that way they don't hear the same old greeting all day long - at least not from me.

"Happy, Blessed, and Healthy New Year, Jack!  (Not his real name.) Wishing you a great one."  And we got into a discussion how optimistic we really are, how good things are, how grateful we are for the past year and all the blessings we have received.

And of course, when I leave, Jack says, (using the trick I love to pull all the time) "See you next year!"

So put your creativity to work.  But also be sensitive.  If someone is struggling with cancer - like a friend of mine was before passing on to eternity - it's probably not a good idea to say to them, "Have a Healthy New Year."

Maybe something along the lines "Happy and Blessed New Year. I'm praying for you, we're all praying for you, that God be with you always, and grant you many special graces and blessings.  May he grant you all the strength and comfort, all the encouragement and peace you need."

New Year Greetings - from the Heart

Children repeat what they hear.  They learn a lot of things by memory, by hearing and saying it over and over again.

When I was a child, I pretty much rattled off my greetings on holidays.

But now, I pretty much mean every word I say, because it is both a blessing and a prayer, as I discuss in New Year Messages.

I thing my greetings now come more from the heart, trying to be careful how I say it.

But you don't have to be perfect.  So many people need encouragement and inspiration, it's better to say it than to wait till you got it all figured out.

So don't try to be perfect.

New Year Greetings - with a Smile

How we say it is sometimes more important than what we say.

If you have a polished greeting but say it with a grumpy attitude, you pretty much spoil the fun.  Not a good way of sharing peace and joy.

But have a cheerful attitude and you'll be forgiven a lot of verbal mistakes.

Wishing you, here's

Lots of cheers,

Happy New Years!

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