A Funny Mothers Day Poem

A funny Mothers Day poem. Mothers can use a break - and a bit of humor too.

Imagination is a gift. Let's use it wisely. This Mothers Day poem reminds me how I'm always my mother's child. Even as a "grown up" adult, I can become a boy again, as I wish my mother - now in heaven I hope - a very Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers - every day!

132. I'm a Boy Again

     by Paul Berchtold, May, 2011

I once was just a little boy,
No cares at all, and filled with joy,
I became a man,
My work life began,
My time, my skills, I now employ.

I may look big, I may look tall,
But something makes my stature fall,
I'll play and fiddle,
I'll again be little,
What causes me to have a ball?

Every year comes a special day,
I want to sing, to dance, to play,
I think of you mother,
Like not any other,
And wish you Happy Mother's Day!


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