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Free Wedding Anniversary Poems - Free Marriage Poem

Free anniversary poems and poetry for the special celebration.

What does an anniversary celebrate?

  • An anniversary celebrates the wedding day.
  • But more importantly, it celebrates the progress in the journey of life called marriage.

The wedding was just one day. The marriage is every single day.

Marriage is not always easy. Like anything worthwhile, love and marriage takes a lot of commitment, work, and sacrifice. That way, true love can grow and deepen over time.

That's why we say, "growing in love."

May these free marriage poems encourage and inspire you and your marriage partner to be faithful in serving God and one another. "For it is in giving that we receive," as I discuss after the poems.

Enjoy these short free anniversary poems.

139. You're a Gift from God

     by Paul Berchtold, May, 2011

Since marrying you ___ year(s) ago,
I truly want to let you know,
How I love you so.

You have become my dearest door,
To whole new worlds to explore,
And you're so much more.

You're a gift I don't deserve,
I pray that God will you preserve,
I'll do my best to serve.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

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140. Going Steady

     by Paul Berchtold, May, 2011

We'll come down from our wedding high,
They said we will,
As if we haven't already.
When we hurt and when we cry,
I love you still,
Let's you and me keep going steady.

That's why an anniversary,
Comes every year,
Our marriage vows let us renew.
My words come out, now in a hurry,
O my sweet dear,
I love you, yes, I do, I do.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Free Anniversary Poems - Wedded Bliss

Wedded bliss. What an oxymoron! (a contradiction of terms)

Perfect bliss just doesn't exist for long in this world.

A year or 2 after the wedding - more like several days, or even several hours - reality hits, and hits hard.

In many wedding ceremonies, the couple and their families spend a fortune on externals, and almost nothing on a solid lifetime of spiritual preparation.

Some people make no spiritual preparation at all.

If we could see inside people, deep inside their hearts like God sees them, it would probably make us sick.

One day - on Judgment Day at the end of the world - we will see all the sins inside everyone - except for those whose sins are taken away by the Lamb of God. (John 1:29)

Free Anniversary Poems - Marriage on the Rocks, Please

No one asks for this, of course!

Do you know anyone who gets married just to be miserable?

I don't.

Yet people spend more time, money and energy for planning and preparing the dress, the car, the dinner, the flowers, which don't last, than for the spiritual things that will make the marriage work.

They're in for a real shock. Such a marriage will soon crash on the rocks, and be gone. It probably won't last. And if it does, it will be hell on earth.

And after a lifetime of hell on earth, many marriage partners will end up in hell forever.

Free Anniversary Poems - Wedded Blessings

Now this is more like it. Instead of bliss, let's talk about blessings.

Sure, everyone wants to feel good at a wedding. It's nice, but it doesn't always happen. (As you'll see below, my grandfather got married sitting up in bed with the Spanish epidemic flu!)

So what's the difference between joy and happiness?

Here on earth, happiness is a momentary feeling.

On the other hand, true joy is a contentment, a satisfaction, a sense of fulfillment in doing one's duty, in serving one another, and serving the Lord - no matter what happens.

Free Anniversary Poems - The Secret to a Good Marriage

I remember a wise old pastor in many sermons said, "It takes 3 to get married. The husband. The wife. And God." Otherwise, you're in for big problems.

The purpose of a wedding is to humbly invite God and his blessings into the united heart, mind, soul, and body of a committed couple, who solemnly promise to love each other and obey God's plan for their marriage. He made marriage. He made the rules. He knows that only by following the rules can there be true joy and happiness.

Free Anniversary Poems - Joy Even in Hard Times

We can try, but we just can't escape hard times. But we can be prepared for them.

By ourselves, we just can't handle it all. But we can, if we walk with God, and hold his hand.

That way, we can be joyful even in difficult times of sickness, trial, misfortune, death.

What does joy do? True joy makes us strong!

The joy of the Lord is our strength! (Nehemiah 8:10)

Free Anniversary Poems - Wedding in a Bedroom!

My own grandfather was very sick with the world-wide Spanish influenza, which killed millions of people world-wide. He caught the flue many miles from home. His cousin took care of him in the second story of his house.

They helped him get dressed up a bit. He sat up on the edge of a bed just long enough to get married to my grandmother. Read more about it in Beautiful Love Stories of Gramma and Grampa.

For weeks after, my grandmother nursed him back to health. Later on, my grandfather returned the favor, taking care of my grandmother for many years, because she had crippling arthritis. She was in a wheel chair for around 15 years.

Free Anniversary Poems - Marriage Preparation

If we knew all that would happen in the future, we probably wouldn't get married, we'd be too frightened. That's why they say, "Love is blind."

But that's all the more reason we need marriage guides The best guide of all is the one who made marriage, God himself. To those he calls to marriage, he truly wants it to be a vehicle to true happiness and fulfillment in life.

If only people knew what they were in for, they would run, not walk, in searching for the truth, for the best advice. They would really listen and take to heart - and follow - wise Godly counsel!

Free Anniversary Poems - Not Just From Books

All the best books, the best advice, and the best information, the best marriage counselors, do no good, unless you put it into practice. You gotta live it.

I speak from years of experience, as a teacher and a pastor. I've officiated at marriages. I required weeks of marriage instruction, focusing especially on the spiritual preparation.

Even after prolonged preparation, some marriages still don't last.

It's not so much about information and instruction - which is very important. But it's more about people changing their hearts, which they can only do with the help of God.

A true marriage demands a lot of patience, understanding, forgiveness, mercy, courage, and generosity. And self-denial and self-discipline - things almost nobody likes to hear or think about, much less practice nowadays.

We need God to hold our hands throughout of lives. How many people can't stand the thought of someone else telling them what to do?

Yet God knows best.

Free Anniversary Poems - Treat Marriage Better than Business

Marriage is serious business.

People will make all kinds of sacrifices, read all kinds of information, go to seminars, get coaches for their business - or their vacation - or their pleasure - or whatever - and do almost nothing for their marriage. They want all the benefits without any of the work.

To have a successful job, home, car, business, this takes a lot of work. And not just any work. You have to be smart with your money, your talents, your time, your energy.

To have a successful marriage, takes a lot of work. But not just any work. You have to work wisely, getting truly wise advice and then actually working at it. Day by day, and many times a day, until it becomes a good habit.

Free Anniversary Poems - The Truth about Marriage

At the wedding, 2 sinful people, 2 sinners, are making a commitment that cannot be kept without God's help.

Most marriage problems are because 2 selfish people are wanting and trying, and even fighting and struggling, to get their own way.

The reality is, we all are more selfish than we think.

Free Anniversary Poems - What Anniversaries are For

If you don't have joy, maybe because of selfishness, never give up hope. Until death, it is never to late to change.

It's never too late to start over on the right foot.

Wedding anniversaries are really good for making a re-commitment to work. To take the steps necessary to get your joy and happiness back.

We may still have to suffer the consequences of our past actions, but God can forgive our sins, and give us peace of heart, mind, and soul.

Free Anniversary Poems - About Generosity

By following God's advice - through the bible and his pastors - we learn the importance of serving God and one another before serving ourselves.

Only then will we receive great blessings, fulfillment, and satisfaction in our marriage.

Now this may seem an oxymoron (contradiction of terms), that you receive far more than you give when:

  • You think of others more than yourself.
  • You put God and others first.
  • You genuinely serve others, instead of being selfish.

Free Anniversary Poems - About Giving

Jesus himself says, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20:35)

"For it is in giving that we receive." We find this theme repeated throughout the beautiful Peace Prayer of St Francis.

Francis gave this prayer to people who were fighting each other. To towns in Italy who were killing each other in wars.

It's a very good prayer to read and pray slowly every day. To meditate on, and work on living it too. Especially in the difficult time of married life.

Goodness knows, we live in such an angry, hateful, powder-keg-ready-to-explode society.

How we need peace!

Free Anniversary Poems - Finding True Peace

Even though the world has no peace, at least, like Francis of Assisi, let's pray to God for true peace in our hearts, homes, marriages, and families.

It's so nice to come home to a sanctuary of peace.

Even better, to make your own heart God's sanctuary of peace. If it's not first in our heart, we won't find it anywhere else.

When we have God's peace in our hearts, that's the way, you and I, we can become an "instrument of God's peace" like Francis of Assisi.

Thank your stars!

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