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Easter Poems - Easter Basket Ideas - Happy Easter

The Bright Sunlight is washing through the yellow petals, setting them ablaze.

Easter traditions and customs to celebrate the most important festival in the church year.

If Christ is not risen, our faith is in vain. (1 Corinthians 15:14)

"Christ is risen!"

"He is risen indeed!"

What Day is Easter? When Is Easter Sunday?

Find the date for Easter Sunday.

Plus a summary description of how the moveable date for Easter is computed each year. It's a rather complicated mathematical formula based on astronomy, mathematics, and science.

Christian Easter Poems - Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil

These 2 poems are for Holy Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath day of rest between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, which Mary, the holy women, and the apostles observed. It's also called Easter Eve, or the Easter Vigil.

It's a time of grieving, but with hope in the promises of Christ, that he will rise on the third day.

Religious Easter Poems

This original Christian poem for Easter "Ring the Bell" is composed of 9 verses and 9 refrains !

Plus a personal story from my seminary days, "Who is Ringing the Bell?"

In the following year - on this same page - I added a poem with 12 short verses addressed to the Angels at Easter time.

Christian Poems for Easter - Inspirational Easter Poems

This original poem for Easter is taken from a true story in the bible. We call him "doubting Thomas." But we should really call him the Apostle of Faith.

Short Easter Poems and Verses - Easter Poetry

These 3 short poems talk about flowers. Check out the amazing photos! Find out why flowers are an important Easter tradition.

While they were blooming, the flowers seen on this page were buried under 4 inches of snow on the Thursday before Easter, and 8 more inches the Tuesday after Easter, even though Easter was in the last week of April. These flowers grow because of the cold spring rains - they grow even in the snow!

God also shows his power even in difficult circumstances. The most terrible thing was Jesus dying. By God's power, he rose on the third day!

Easter Poems for Children - Easter Bunny Poems

In both these poems, the Easter bunny has some very important messages for young and old alike.

Free Easter Poem

This is a poem I included in my 2013 Easter card, entitled, "Easter Thoughts."

It considers how Mary and Jesus were connected as mother and son, linked together in work and prayer, according to God's plan. The suffering of one was shared by the other.

And it is only right that the joy of one is shared by the other - forever.

Easter Egg Ideas - Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter eggs are an important Easter tradition in many families. This egg decorating is really different.

Some natural coloring right from the hen, a unique edible dye, a bit of care, and your work-of-art egg decorating will look different than mother hen's - without having to go to the store!

Includes 12 photos of the project.

Easter Basket Ideas - Craft Ideas for Easter - Kids Easter Basket Ideas

For kids and "kids-at-heart." Some real simple, neat ideas. What I did the first Easter I had farm fresh eggs from my own hens. What I used for a basket. How I made paper grass fast.

Includes 4 photos of the finished product!

Easter Bible Lesson - Easter Sunday School Lessons

These Easter stories - good for Easter sermons, lessons, or classes - are about some of the special people who were involved in the story of the Resurrection, the real Easter story.

Unique Easter Gifts - Easter Gifts for Children - Christian Easter Gifts

Many kids get eggs, candy, and toys. But is that all?

My own mother and father gave us gifts that lasted for decades. And hopefully, they will continue to last forever.

Easter Traditions - Additional Resources

I have many different kinds of poems on this site. Some are fun, some are serious. Some for birthdays, and some for funerals. And lots of things in between.

Many of my poems on this site have a Christian theme. After all, when we thank our stars, we must not forget the one who made us and saves us. So it's appropriate to show our deepest appreciation especially for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Check out additional Christian poems by Roger W Hancock.

Easter Traditions - Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is also known as the Feast of the Resurrection. It's a day to celebrate when Jesus came back to life, 3 days after his death on the cross.

There are many beautiful customs observed in different churches, families, and countries.

The first and best way is to thank God with a grateful heart for our redemption, both in our hearts and in our churches, when we pray and worship.

It is important that we must take this responsibility seriously, and do this important duty to the one who made us, and died on the cross to save us, and wants us to enjoy true success.

Easter Traditions - Religious Customs

In addition to our obligation to personal prayer, worship and service to God, we owe God public worship and praise as a community and a society. This is especially done in the church, which is the house of God.

Various denominations have different practices to celebrate Easter:

  • Easter vigil services;
  • Easter midnight services;
  • Easter sunrise services;
  • Easter day services

And the celebration continues throughout the season of Easter, which last for 40 days until Ascension Thursday, to celebrate the time Jesus remained on earth after his resurrection until he went to heaven.

Easter Traditions - General Holiday

Easter is a holy day. And ... a holiday.

Easter has become quite commercialized. All kinds of merchandise are bought and sold before Easter - decorations, baskets, rabbits, bunnies, candies, and more.

Many customs come from christian traditions kept for centuries.

Here in the west, some of the more popular ways to celebrate the holiday are:

  • Easter lilies, flowers, and other decorations;
  • Easter songs, hymns, music, poems and poetry;
  • Easter baskets, Easter eggs, and Easter egg hunts;
  • festive meals - dinners, potlucks, and picnics;
  • baked goodies, sweet treats, candies, and special desserts
  • small gifts, very often foodstuffs, such as Easter eggs and treats
  • and of course, don't forget Easter cards with verses and poems wishing one and all a Happy Easter !

Thank your stars !

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