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Words of Comfort for Sympathy

Comfort poems death poems. Who can give proper words of comfort for sympathy at such a time of loss?

Only God can truly comfort. He often speaks without words.

118. May God Be Your Comfort

     by Paul Berchtold, April, 2011

I just don't know what I can say,
A word or two, or none at all,
Words hardly come for me to pray,
My heart now makes new tears to fall.

I simply ask, God comfort you,
He can do it, so much better,
Than fancy words, on paper new,
On biggest card, or longest letter.

God comfort you, in such great loss,
He understands and knows it too,
His own son dying on the cross,
Is how he saves both me and you.

God said each tear, he'll wipe away,
Where we'll find hope, when crying's done,
And showed his plan, he has for us,
Resurrection, just like his son.

Jesus gave hope, the night he said,
In this world, you will have sorrow,
All pain he'll turn to joy instead,
The blessings of tomorrow.

God knows each heart, each soul, each mind,
How full they are of pain and grief,
What we would say, words cannot find,
Bu by his grace, he grants relief.

God truly knows the very best,
Your hearts desire, it's every beat,
God stay with you, in him find rest,
Your every need, may he now meet. Amen.


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Comfort Poems Death - David the Poet

We read in the bible how David the king wept bitterly for 7 days before his newborn son died. And how he wept bitterly when Absalom died.

Many of the songs of David, found in the Bible Book of Psalms, show the weeping of David and the comfort of God. It can bring great comfort to read these in time of grief and loss, as these are prayer poems to God. The 23rd Psalm of David is often read at funerals, and put on funeral cards.

In this psalm, David shows how God his Shepherd is with him even though he walks through the valley of the "shadow" of death. Death is the door, a passing, not the end. Nevertheless, it still can be a deep valley of bitterness. But there is always hope.

Comfort Poems Death - Words of Comfort in Bereavement

Death is not final. Thank God, he gives us everlasting life through Jesus, his son.

If this is a time of loss and grief for you, may God bless you, and comfort you, as only he can.

Our hearts were made for God, and we will not rest, until we rest in him. So wrote Augustine, and early church writer, whose mother Monica wept and prayed for his conversion for years. She died just weeks after his conversion from a sinful life to following Christ. Her life work was done, seeing him finally on the right path.

Comfort Poems Death - Prayers of Hope

I thank God for the prayers of my mother. When she was dying of cancer almost 30 years ago, one of her last wishes - her mouth was so dry, she could barely talk - was that we would all get to heaven. Her eyes said it all, as they were full of tears. And she had truly lived it, praying and working for us daily for years.

May her prayers be granted, may her tears be wiped away.

Thank your stars, she deserves it. And may we all be re-united in heaven.

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