Clergy Appreciation Day

When is Pastor Appreciation Sunday?

Clergy Appreciation Day is on the second Sunday in October.

It's a good time to honor your pastor and show him your appreciation.

It's also known as Pastor Appreciation Sunday, or Pastor Appreciation Day.

It falls on the Sunday on or between October 8 and October 14. Some churches, parishes, or congregations may celebrate it at a different time.

When is Pastor Appreciation Day?

2010 - Sunday, October 10

2011 - Sunday, October 9

2012 - Sunday, October 14

2013 - Sunday, October 13

2014 - Sunday, October 12

2015 - Sunday, October 11

2016 - Sunday, October 9

2017 - Sunday, October 8

2018 - Sunday, October 14

2019 - Sunday, October 13

2020 - Sunday, October 11

Why Clergy Appreciation Day?

We have Presidents Day. And Bosses Day. And Grandparents and Teacher Days.

And we have Fathers Day and Mothers Day.

What do they all have in common? They are leaders who make decisions that affect our lives.

And the positions they hold are often stressful, because of the duties they fulfill, the difficulties they encounter, and often, because of the false expectations others put on them.

Let's take our parents or guardians, for example. While we are growing up, they have to work to feed and clothe us, to teach us, keep us healthy and warm, and protect us from danger.

Someone has to make decisions for the family, and that is our parents. And some of the decisions they make can affect the rest of our lives.

The Church is a Spiritual Family

Really, God is the Father of His Spiritual Family, the Church. The work of the pastor is to be the voice and hands helping God to lead, direct, teach, and counsel us on the path of salvation.

The pastor is like the shepherd who cares for the flock of sheep, but he doesn't own the sheep, they belong to someone else. He leads his flock to good pasture to eat. And often he has to protect his flock from wolves that would want to kill and harm the sheep.

The word Pastor means shepherd. Clergy refers to those who hold office in the Church.

Pastors are Only Human

On Pastor Appreciation Day, and always, remember that our leaders while here on earth are not angels, they're only human, and can only do so much.

Many times, people put false expectations on them. It's often the same people who won't help out much, but demand the pastor do everything for them.

Kinda like a spoiled child who expects his parents to clean up after him and do his chores, when he should be helping by doing his share of the load.

Clergy Appreciation Day - The Golden Rule

How would you like to be treated?

Remember, because pastors are human like you, they usually enjoy things you do.

  • They need food, clothes, and shelter.
  • They need sleep too!
  • They have birthdays.
  • If married, they have anniversaries.
  • If they have families, they need some time with their families.
  • They need some time off work.
  • They like breaks and vacations.
  • They like weekends, but don't always get them.
  • They have setbacks, disappointments, and sometimes get sick.
  • They need your prayers.
  • They need your encouragement and appreciation.
  • They need ongoing time and training in God's Word, the Bible.
  • They need friends and partners to help and support them, etc.

Clergy Appreciation Day - A Very Special Day for Me

It's been 20 years since I was ordained a pastor, October 11, 1990.

Now if Clergy Appreciation Day falls on the Second Sunday of October, that means it is on the Sunday that lands on or between October 8th and October 14th.

The 11th is exactly in the middle of those dates. That means Clergy Appreciation Day is always the Sunday closest to my ordination anniversary.

If Oct 11th is a M, T, W, it's the Sunday before. If it's a Th, F, Sat, it's the Sunday after. And if October 11th is a Sunday, it's Clergy Appreciation Day !

How did that happen?

When I was ordained a pastor, I never knew that there was such a thing as Pastor Appreciation Day. Nor did the pastors and elders at my Church. Because, back then, Clergy Appreciation Day - or Pastor Appreciation Day - wasn't even in existence yet.

But God knew.

That, my friend, is what we call the Providence of God.

Things like this happen not by chance, but by the providential hand of God, who organizes even the bad stuff to work for good.

"And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." (NLT Romans 8:28)

It's kind of neat to think that 20 years later I would be doing many pages on this subject for this website. Which, I probably would not be doing if I had not lost my parish due to ill health 15 years ago.

A Whole Month to Celebrate

The month of October is designated as Pastor Appreciation Month. For more ideas, go to Pastor Appreciation Month.

It's also known as Clergy Appreciation Month.

Go to Pastor Appreciation Ideas from Clergy Appreciation Day.

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