Christian Wedding Poems

Wedding Blessings - Marriage Blessings

These Christian wedding poems talk about the secret sauce to make a truly happy marriage.

This first poem about a very important ingredient is based on the true story of Jesus' first public miracle at a wedding party, as recorded in the Gospel of John, the beginning of chapter 2.

This story, by the way, is an excellent resource for a wedding sermon or wedding speech. It's also very good material for personal reflection and meditation.

170. Ingredient Essential

     by Paul Berchtold, August, 2011

Whether you walk in well worn shoes,
Or ride in a royal carriage,
There's a secret ingredient,
To a truly happy marriage.

To keep united in true love,
To be faithful unto glory,
Pay attention carefully now,
I'll tell you a short true story.

There was a wedding in Cana,
The Gospel of John does record,
Mary, Jesus' mother, was there,
The disciples, with our dear Lord.

Mary was serving where needed,
She saw that there was no more wine,
It might turn into disaster,
Without this drink, with which to dine.

Mary told Jesus the problem,
"They have no wine," she softly said.
Jesus seemed unwilling to help,
She spoke to the servants instead.

With a mothers intuition,
How to best reach her son, she knew,
Mary told them to be ready,
to "Do whatever he tells you."

There were standing six, big clay jars,
Could hold many gallons apiece,
They were used for ritual washing,
But now their value would increase.

Jesus told them to bring water,
Fill the jars until they were full;
Then go take some to the master,
The chief cook who had quite some pull.

What happened was so amazing,
The water turned into wine,
Flowing forth in abundance,
Truly the best, so very fine.

Like good wine, may your marriage age,
May your love grow over the years,
Stay united in holy peace,
In times of joy and times of tears.

Do you want graces and blessings,
Newly married husband and wife?
Do you want a good, strong marriage,
Do you want abundance in life?

There's only one answer that works,
From dear Mary we get the clue,
No matter what happens she says,
"Do whatever Jesus tells you!"

Another Christian Wedding Poem

When I was young, a dear old pastor - who went home years ago - used to say in his sermons, "It takes 3 to get married."

This is what this next poem is all about.

171. It Takes 3 to Get Married

     by Paul Berchtold, August, 2011

When you to wed get ready,
To not by life get buried,
For love to grow so steady,
It takes 3 to get married.

On your special wedding day,
Although you might be harried,
Vow to God you'll always pray,
So 3 of you stay married.

Put God first, your spouse, then you,
By angels you'll be ferried,
Through life. Your love will renew,
When 3 of you stay married.

May you be strong together,
In all the trials varied.
You can stand any weather,
As long as 3 stay married.

May your service ever grow,
Though heaven should be tarried,
Hang on and do not let go,
The 3 of you still married.

God grant when your life is done,
That you to his home be carried,
To unite again as one,
Together 3, who married.


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Christian Wedding Poems - God's Blessings

The challenges facing married couples and their families are so great, they simply cannot survive alone.

The devil, the world, and even our fallen sinful nature war against the beautiful unity in marriage.

This unity is only possible when a marriage is established on bedrock - God himself.

Thank your stars!

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