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I've written several Christian poems for Easter. This one comes from a true story in the bible, shortly after Jesus rose from the dead.

We all call him doubting Thomas, but he should be called the Apostle of Faith.

Thomas mistake was not staying together in community with the other Apostles, and so he missed seeing Jesus the first time.

120. Change of Heart

     by Paul Berchtold, April, 2011

The day he rose, Jesus the Light,
Came to his friends that very night.
First filled with fear, then deep delight,
They were amazed, he was so bright.

All were there but Thomas was not,
Afraid of throwing himself in their lot,
By fear and doubt was badly caught,
Forgetting all that Jesus taught.

Thomas was pouting all alone,
Doing nothing, off on his own,
Always tending to moan and groan,
Self pity makes him sick to the bone.

Jesus is living, his followers cried,
But not for Thomas, as he denied.
Last thing he knew, Jesus had died.
Just being stubborn, full of pride.

Jesus wants to free us from sin,
So Jesus appears once again,
He calls Come close, Thomas the Twin,
Put your hand in my side herein.

What with his hand did Thomas feel?
The heart of Jesus beating real.
Now his poor soul could Jesus heal.
Touching his heart, brings him to kneel.

Thomas now falls down to the floor,
He doubts no longer, never more,
From his lips these words outpour,
My Lord, my God, I do adore.

Jesus gave grace to the good thief,
When suffering in the greatest grief,
Now gives Thomas, gift of belief,
So he can turn a brand new leaf.

By this miracle, a divine art,
Jesus opens the way to each heart,
Inviting all, come be a part,
Of his family. It's truly smart.

Then Jesus said, come closer near,
I want you all, my words to hear,
I want to make it very clear,
How great is faith, and do not fear.

More blest are those who do not see,
And yet will place their trust in me,
In ages to come, yes, this will be,
How you are saved, eternally.

We thank You Lord, you are the best,
When trusting you, we are most blest,
Now and ever, be it confessed,
You wait in heaven, to give us rest.

We'll see and touch, with hugs embrace,
See your sweet eyes, your precious face,
Faith leads to Heaven, the grandest place,
Thank you Lord, for this Easter grace. Amen.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

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Christian Poems for Easter - Doubting Thomas

Read this story in the Gospel of John, chapter 20, second half.

In a way, it's a good thing Thomas doubted, because of what Jesus then said.

We're included in this story. While speaking to Thomas, Jesus spoke about all the rest of us believers. He promised a special blessing for those who haven't seen Christ physically in person, and who still believe.

Christian Poems for Easter - Don't Go Blaming Thomas

None of us should go pointing our finger at Thomas. In many ways, we're like him. At one time or another, we've all been guilty of not believing what others say, especially when more and more people say it's true.

Or, like Thomas, we go sulky and sullen, and don't want to join the community, attend church regularly, support a ministry, volunteer on a project, when we know we could be helping and pitching in, because we have the time and ability to do so. Especially when God keeps inviting and calling us.

Let's learn from Thomas' mistake.

Thank your stars, God can use our mistakes to do great good.

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