Christian Christmas Poems

The Third in a Trilogy of Short Christmas Poems

Christian Christmas poems. This is the third poem in a trilogy of short inspirational Christmas poems.

This one is suitable as a Christmas poem of remembrance, in memory of loved ones, how Christmas is celebrated in heaven.

Christmas Past | Christmas Present | Christmas Future

36. Christmas Future

     by Paul Berchtold, January, 2011

Slowly tolls the Christmas bell,
Sad the story they now tell,
Our loved ones now in heaven dwell,
Leaving us this bitter-sweet story.

Gather friends, come and hear,
There is reason for every tear,
That precious life, your loved one dear,
Has gone to sweetest home in glory.

Freer than the fastest bird,
From every pain forever cured,
The sweetest songs are always heard,
Peace and rest and grace so mild.

The Star of Bethlehem they now see,
The wise men in greatest royalty,
Angels, shepherds, Joseph, Mary,
They now see the Holy Child.

Life on earth is short, a test,
Heaven is life at it's very best,
Rest and peace, a place most blest,
We can't imagine, not now ever.

Except it is so much more,
Every word I say is poor,
They celebrate on heaven's shore,
It's Christmas Day forever.


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Christian Christmas Poems - Hope During Time of Sorrow

In many homes around the world during the Christmas holidays, there is great sadness, as a loved one is missing and has departed this world.

It can be a time of great grief, even for years. But amid our tears, we look forward to a much better world. Those in heaven love it there, and eagerly await our deliverance from the pain and suffering we experience here on earth. In fact, our loved ones in heaven pray for our safety, until we come home to heaven too.

Christian Christmas Poems - My own Story

My mother passed away from cancer at the age of 46 in 1983, just 16 days before Christmas. I was still a student at the time.

It made for a sad Christmas. Her memory is very precious to me all these years later. She put God first in her life. She taught us Godly principles from the bible. Both my mother and father made many big sacrifices in leaving a job, moving, and traveling far to join a parish, and put us children in a private school so that we could be raised with religious values.

I certainly hope and trust the Good Lord that my mother is in heaven. It's where we all belong, and should be planning to meet, celebrating in the great, everlasting, Christmas holiday reunion.

Merry Christmas, Mom. Merry Christmas, my dear Grandparents. Merry Christmas to all in heaven.

Thank your stars, and Merry Christmas to every one of them!

Christmas Past | Christmas Present | Christmas Future

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