Birthday Memorial Poems

Birthday Memorial Verses - Remembrance Poems

Remember your loved one with birthday memorial poems.

Use these birthday memorial verses and remembrance poems to cherish the memory of your family member or friend.

Else we run the danger of "out of sight, out of mind." No matter how much we want otherwise, we're only human, and over the years it becomes easier to forget. I know, as I explain below.

Special days, like holidays and birthdays, are reminders - often painful at first. But with time, the memory of our loved one can grow very, very precious.

Now here's 2 birthday memorial poems:

155. Precious Angel

     by Paul Berchtold, July, 2011

Precious angel, I remember,
For both of us this special day.
How I miss you, always love you,
May you have a happy birthday.

Precious angel, I remember,
Cake and candles, gifts piled so high.
I miss so much your merry smile,
Sometimes I want to sit and cry.

Precious angel, I'll be brave,
On your birthday, I'll again say,
I wish for you with all my heart,
The very best Happy Birthday!

Precious angel, I remember,
To pray to God that you be blest,
On this very special birthday,
Have fun now, and enjoy the rest!

156. Surprise Birthday Guest

     by Paul Berchtold, July, 2011

How I miss you,
Want to kiss you,
It is no fun
When you are gone.
When it's really,
The very day,
Of your birthday.

Yes I miss you,
Yes I kiss you,
In many ways
For all your days.
So wipe your tears,
Dismiss your fears,
Get busy now,
I'll show you how.

Who talks to me?
I cannot see.
Just who are you,
Out of the blue?
You come from where?
Why do you dare,
So easy find,
Words for my mind?

I am the one
You say is gone,
You're mistaken,
That I'm taken,
When I am here.
So lend your ear,
Where's your belief
That gives relief?

Take God as guide,
Walk by his side,
And ev'ry pain,
Becomes such gain.
So beautiful,
So bountiful,
Eternal life,
Comes after strife.

But I'm in pain,
It's loss not gain,
I give alert,
I'm deeply hurt,
I have no rest,
In this great test,
There's just for me,
Your memory.

Tut tut tut tut,
Say no more "but."
You must listen,
Very often,
To words of hope,
To help you cope.
See bigger view,
All things made new.

Now rest assured,
What I've endured,
Since from my birth,
My days on earth,
Were full of pain,
God meant for gain,
So don't berate,
Come celebrate!

I only grieve,
That you did leave,
This place on earth,
Where we had mirth.
If you only,
Knew how lonely,
It has become,
Because you're gone.

When you must weep,
Hopeful thoughts keep,
Your small desires,
Are little fires,
That become flames,
Which take their aims,
For all the best
In heaven's rest.

I am alive,
I truly thrive,
In heaven's grace,
In ev'ry place.
Please ever keep,
In memory deep,
Our true home is,
Heavenly bliss.

Your words convict,
I'm derelict.
Be it confessed,
That God has blessed,
You with reward,
Joy in the Lord,
The crown of gold,
That won't grow old.

Be truly smart,
And you'll have part,
Someday soon here,
But give God ear,
You still have work,
You cannot shirk,
To be with me,

For such beauty,
Do you duty.
Do now your part,
With all your heart,
Love God, neighbor,
With your labor,
This makes you wise,
For Paradise.

O please forgive,
I know you live,
In the best place
Showered by grace.
But it's so tough,
I've had enough,
It's just that only,
I'm so lonely.

With God is life,
In any strife,
With him now walk,
With him now talk,
In him we live,
He's here to give,
Grace to go on,
'Til heaven's won.

With grateful voice
I now rejoice,
My thanks I bring,
To God our king,
I sing anew
This song to you,
Or at least say,
Happy Birthday!

I am born twice,
Which is so nice,
One is my birth
My start on earth.
The best ever,
Is forever,
In Heaven born,
It's always morn.

Be faithful friend,
And at life's end,
Again we'll meet,
And we shall greet,
Full of delight,
We will hug tight,
Close together,
And forever!


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share these birthday memorial poems, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Birthday Memorial Poems - Story of my own Mother

My mother, hopefully in heaven, has been gone now almost 30 years. So I know how easy it is to forget. I know she would want me to get on with my life in service of God and others. My worries are over, knowing that God has arranged for her the very best, more than I could ever figure out.

But every time May 9th comes around, how can I forget my mother's birthday. It comes around Mothers Day. And if May 9th is a Sunday, it is Mother's Day!

My greatest worry was that she made it to heaven. But after some years, my worries are over, knowing that God has arranged for her the very best, more than I could ever figure out, and that he loves her more than I ever could.

Birthday Memorial Poems - In Memory of my Mother

I wrote a poem in memory of mom, which is another poem you can use or adapt to use as a birthday memorial poem, for a Mother's Day poem, or as a sympathy poem.

Birthday Memorial Poems - For 2 Other Birthdays

Another special time I think of my mother, is my own birthday. Without my mother (and my father), I wouldn't be around.

Another time is Christmas - the birthday of Christ - which can be a very difficult time, as I mention in the page with a short Christmas poem.

I also wrote a poem for the holiday times, called Christmas Future. This poem is about our loved ones in heaven, where they celebrate Christmas first-hand.

My own mother died several weeks before Christmas. I hope to see her again some day.

Thank your stars!

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