Birthday Card Message Ideas

Happy Birthday Messages

Make your birthday wishes special with these birthday card message ideas.

Have you ever received a birthday card, with a little print on the inside like Happy Birthday, and a signature, and that's about it? I have, and the odds are, you have, too. Sure, I appreciate the card. Especially in recent years, when I've been getting fewer and fewer. My last birthday I received about 3 cards, and I am grateful for every one of them.

And then comes a card that has that something special.

Sometimes, it's just that little personal extra that can make all the difference to the recipient.

Go the extra mile. Write your birthday card message as if it is the very last. Because one day, it will be. Either you the writer or your lucky recipient may not be around - for whatever reason - the next time.

A Birthday Card Story - Just 3 Little Extra Words

My own father isn't one to write a whole lot. He never got phonics in school, so reading and writing don't come easy, especially as his eyesight isn't the best.

It's pretty hard to read his handwriting anyways. But he usually writes just a special word or 2.

Every year he sends me a Happy Birthday Card, and adds a few words, like "God bless you", or a similar short prayer or encouragement.

About 5 years ago he sent me a birthday card. After the "Happy Birthday" printed on the inside, he wrote "and many more", and then he signed it, "Love, Dad"

I really appreciated the sentiment. I had been secretly praying for many years that, God-willing, I would live to a ripe old age. So it was more encouraging than he ever knew.

Birthday Card Message Ideas - Inspiration and Encouragement

Parents, spouses, family, relatives, friends, and people at work. Let's seize the golden opportunity of a birthday to love, inspire, and encourage the stars in our lives !

Your little message can be very powerful, and when written, can have an enormous effect for years and years later.

Many teens and young adults are committing suicide because no one in their life is affirming them on a regular basis. Even us older folks appreciate others remembering our birthday, and using this opportunity to encourage and inspire us.

Birthday Card Message Ideas - in General

Here's some general ideas for birthday card Messages. Use one or more.

  • Wish Happy Birthday or similar message, using the person's first name, and if you know it, maybe even the person's age, if they don't and won't mind.
  • A prayer - especially a prayer of thanksgiving for the life and good work of the recipient.
  • Poetry - a verse or two, even more.
  • An appropriate scripture verse.
  • A quote from an author or famous person.
  • Something funny, such as an appropriate clean humorous story or joke.
  • And, of course, your own personal message, or at the very least, your signature.

Birthday Card Message Ideas - Additional Ideas for Special Groups

Who sends the birthday card and who it's coming from matters.

So I have some additional birthday card message ideas if the happy recipient of the birthday card knows you as family, relative, friend, or work or business related.

Birthday Card Message Ideas - From Parents to Child

  • You have a special role no one can replace, because after God, it's because of you that your child even has a birthday to begin with.
  • In each of your messages to your child from babyhood to grown up adult and beyond, pray the Holy Spirit what to say and write, and how to best say and write it. Often, I'll pray over it for several days, and the insights usually come.
  • The day your child is born, and for the first several birthdays, write a birthday card - or letter - each year. Read it to your child, and save the cards. Later on, allow your child to read your messages, and then maybe later give your child the cards to keep them. Tell your child how much you love him, pray for him, thank God for him, and how you wish and pray that he will grow up to fulfill his true destiny and calling in life.
  • On some special birthday when your child is old enough to understand, tell him how he got his name, and put it in writing in their birthday card.
  • Find out and put in the birthday card what his name means.
  • According to your child's age, tell him special circumstances of his birth. Rushing to which hospital, who in the family and which relatives were there, the weather on that day, what time of the day it was - day-time, morning, afternoon, evening, night-time.
  • Always tell your child how happy you are that God gave him to you, how thankful you are to God for him, and that God loves him and you love him dearly. To do otherwise is to do a terrible dis-service to the child. What you sow, you shall reap. Many a criminal in prison has a parent to blame who made remarks like I wish you had never been my child. Such parental abuse will be held criminal in God's court of judgment. It better not be you.(Matthew 18:6)
  • To your teenage child, tell them no matter how often they goof up and make mistakes, you love them unconditionally and God loves them unconditionally. Not just on birthdays either. You may not feel like doing this, but remember you were a teenager once, we all have made major mistakes before God and men, and we all need patience, love and understanding.
  • To your adult children, what can I say? There are millions of ways to show your love and gratitude to God and your children, to show your appreciation, to inspire and encourage them on to future greatness, to show your understanding of their challenges, etc. In each of your messages to your children from baby to adult, pray the Holy Spirit what to say and write, and how to say and write it.

Birthday Card Message Ideas - From Grandparents to Grandchildren

In addition to the ideas above, you are blessed with maturity and experience to impart wisdom and sweetness to your grandchildren (and great-grandchildren.)

Yours is a special love. You hold a special place in your grandchildren's heart. Your message will - in many cases - be remembered their whole lifetime.

Your prayer for guidance is especially important, as you express your love and birthday wishes, for what you say, and more importantly, what you do, is helping to form and mold and train up future generations.

Birthday Card Message Ideas - From Child to Parents

It is thoughtful to remember our parents on their birthday, especially as we wouldn't be alive without them.

It's a good habit to start when young, and plan to teach your children to do the same.

You never know when the birthday card you send is the last. You may not be around for their next birthday. Or maybe your parent won't be around.

Birthday Card Message Ideas - From Grandchild to Grandparents

Ditto the above, but realize also that the older the recipient, the odds are they will be around for less time. Your card message doesn't have to be perfect. Just let it come from your heart.

Birthday Card Message Ideas - Between Friends

Be a true friend. Don't pretend. Never flatter and praise if it is not true. But certainly you can find a way to encourage and inspire your friend. Certainly there is something to appreciate in your friend, something he or she has done for you and what they mean to you.

Sometimes, it's just saying and writing that you are their friend, and how much you appreciate their friendship in your life. Don't take it for granted that you've told them, or that they will remember. It's a good thing to put in the birthday card, that they can read over and over. It can mean a lot to them, for many years to come.

Birthday Card Message Ideas - Bosses, Employees, Co-workers

As we get older, we find that it's pretty hard to separate life and business, because so much of our lives is spent working, whether we're the owner of a big corporation or just a humble worker, or like myself, have my own home-based business.

When you're writing your birthday card message, find that something special to mention in your birthday card to your employee, your employee, your boss or manager, or your co-worker.

Maybe how you appreciate his /her example of always on time, diligent, compassionate. How you are inspired, encouraged.

You may think they already know. But you would be surprised how many times, they don't feel like they're making a difference. Read the story about a janitor to see how a little card made a big difference, and kept an employee from walking out.

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