70th Birthday Poems

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Here are 3 special 70th birthday poems to celebrate the wisdom and experience of an older generation.

It pays to listen to the wisdom of the ages – the wisdom of the sages.

The older generation has earned our respect - and heartfelt gratitude. Without them, our present generation - you and me - wouldn't be around.

If some older folks seem a little slower, set in their ways, or even a bit senile, remember they still deserve our love and respect for the many years of life they've experienced – both the good and the bad.

163. Let the Story Be Told

     by Paul Berchtold, August, 2011

Let the story be told,
You're seventy years old.
So it's not a surprise,
You're now so very wise.

Even if we hunger,
None of us gets younger.
If we should live longer,
We just don't get stronger.

The best thing is wisdom,
Better than a kingdom,
For kingdoms can be lost,
But you have paid the cost.

For your experience,
Is better than science,
How can you refuse it?
Now just don't go lose it!

Happy 70th Birthday!

164. 70 Years of Memories

     by Paul Berchtold, August, 2011

Move on over, old aches and pains,
I have lived a life abundant.
There's been losses. But far more gains
Deserve my thanks redundant!

Seventy years have come and gone,
Time moves like a steady river,
But life's been good, while flowing on,
Rewards best the service giver.

People I know, friends included,
Many did not make it this far.
In my quiet prayer secluded,
God, how truly blessed you are!

I know you give, and take away,
Replacing life for one more grand.
How I'm thankful for each new day,
That I'm still here on this your land.

This is exile, my time on earth,
It's but a short separation.
Seventy years since my own birth,
For heaven, it's preparation.

Bless me, Father, Son, and Spirit,
Help me each day my service give,
Here or gone, let no one fear it,
With God we do forever live.

165. A Little Math for 70

     by Paul Berchtold, August, 2011

Add up your years "seventy,"
Should give you wisdom plenty.
Subtract the "-ty" you're free,
You're young again and seven.

Divide with care all your years,
Remembering joys and tears.
Multiplied blessings and cheers
We wish to you from heaven.


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70th Birthday Poems - Story of my own Father

My dad's birthday is in August, just 2 days before my own. Did I come as a belated birthday present?

Anyways, when my dad was going to be 70, we had a small family re-union around July 4th. My sisters and brothers came, and my aunt and cousin came to visit also.

So we had a surprise 70th birthday party !!!

Some years later, my dad said he started feeling older ever since that celebration. It was a turning point, a real milestone, in his life.

70th Birthday Poems - The Game we Played

One special thing I remember is a game we played.

The weather was beautiful. We were sitting out on the swings and in some chairs under the maple trees.

My cousin suggested the game. She is also a teacher. She gave everyone a paper and a pencil. We each had to list the states we had ever lived in or visited.

By then, I had visited over half the 50 United States of America. I was kind of surprised.

Then we wrote another list. All the countries. For me, it was 5.

70th Birthday Poems - Keeping in Touch

I had never played a game like that before. It was short and sweet, and a real conversation starter, since I didn't know some places my brothers and sisters had visited.

It was good to see Dad taking it easy, taking it all in, visiting with his sister and the family he loved.

Mom always reminded us that it's the simplest things in life that can really count.

Mom never reached 70. She died at 46 from cancer. We trust that she is waiting for all of us in heaven.

Thank your stars.

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