25th Anniversary Poems

Poems for 25th Wedding Anniversary

These 2 original 25th anniversary poems are written as prayers of thanksgiving and blessing.

The 25th Wedding Anniversary is also called a Silver Anniversary.

These 2 original poems for 25th wedding anniversary are prayers:

  1. A prayer of thanksgiving the happy couple can pray together.
  2. Best wishes and blessings.

86. United in Thanksgiving

     by Paul Berchtold, February, 2011

With grateful hearts, we thank you Lord,
You have blessed us so,
We came to you with one accord,
Twenty-five years ago.

Thank you for walking by our side,
Amid our joys and tears,
Your care, your love, arms open wide,
All these many years.

You have blessed us in many ways,
Dearest Lord, most awesome,
In you we trust for the rest of our days,
The best is yet to come!

87. 25th Anniversary Blessing

     by Paul Berchtold, February, 2011

It's a happy occasion,
Anniversary twenty-five,
I'm happy to see,
That you're both still alive!

It's truly miraculous,
That you've made it thus far,
And still shining brightly,
You're both each a star.

So special your love,
All through the years,
Whether soaring above,
Or shedding some tears.

Despite ups and downs,
And stormy the weather,
It's a blessing to see,
Your union together.

My prayer on this day,
I wish you the best,
That all through the years,
You're most richly blest.

May peace fill your years,
May you have many more,
Each day celebrating,
Your love to the core!!!


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25th Anniversary Poems - A Special Occasion

Happy Silver Anniversary!

The 25th Wedding Anniversary is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. If the couple has children, many of them are usually old enough to help in the planning. There may even be grandchildren to help celebrate this special memory time.

For church goers, be sure to ask your pastor or minister well in advance, for a church held service, which can include special blessings, prayers, and even the renewal of marriage vows in front of family and friends.

This is usually followed by a celebration of food, family, friends, and fun!

25th Anniversary Poems - A Story of my Parents

For years and years, I looked forward to my own mother and father's 25th Wedding Anniversary.

But it was not to be. Just a month and a half short of their 25th, mom passed away with cancer.

Here's a poem in memory of my mom.

It was also just before Christmas. It made it extra sad and hard for our family as I mention in comments after a short Christmas poem about smiling, and also a poem titled Christmas Future.

The first grandchild came 13 and a half years later.

25th Anniversary Poems - A Lifetime of Memories

Even a short 25 years can bring lots of changes, growth, and memories. Couples make many sacrifices to persevere in their love for each other.

Parents also usually give the best years of their lives to raising a family, spending a lot of time, energy, (and money) to provide for and educate their children.

It is a very special time for family, friends and children (if God has so blessed their union) to show their deep love and appreciation for all the dedication, commitment, and sacrifices the couple has made.

Parents are special stars in our lives. Thank your stars.

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